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02-12-2011, 11:55 AM
I'm pretty confident that many of us, myself included, were surprised by the ending to Brotherhood. The weird part is the three guys talking at the end. Two of them discuss about putting someone, presumably Desmond back into the Animus, with another saying this did this to him. So, based on this, I personally think that we were never playing as Desmond. But, rather, as Desmond's descendant. His descendant is in the animus reliving Desmond's life and thus Desmond's trips into the animus. When the Desmond kills Lucy, the descendant goes into shock and thus the three talk.

Also, will there be any addons? Here is some ideas of mine for addons.

Like Father Like Son-This addon could expand on the single-player experience. It would see the playing as Giovanni, Ezio's father, and based around the short movie 'Lineage'. It could also add more weapons and customisation options to your recruits, such as choosing clothing options and whether to use ranged or melee.

The Fall Of The Brotherhood-This addon could add more missions to the end of the game (when Desmond or whoever is put back into the animus after the credits). It could involve Ezio attempting to grow his Brotherhood even more and stop traitors and others attempting to sabotage it. This could also add more weapons and customisation options to your recruits.

The End-This addon could, if Ubisoft plan on doing the next game with a new assassin, finish of Ezio's tale. He discovers one final Borgia family member who proves a threat and sets out to stop him, with disastrous results.

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Look at the top of the forum, the very first thread is named the Memeber Theories Thread, what do you wonder you're supposed to post there?

There's also an AC3 and beyond, thread where you supposed to post ideas and speculations.

Whatever, welcome anyway.

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