View Full Version : Replays are incorrect. And not what really happened

09-27-2010, 09:16 PM
Ok first off im not high and not crazy. I joined a multiplayer game with two other people against hard ai about 30 seconds into the game they bolth surrendered and i decided to stay i snuck up on the ai capped all there buildings and beat the holy crap outta them and got 6,000 points for it i was awfully proud of what i did so i saved the replay and went to rewatch it. and the replay wasnt even close to what happened it showed my teamates leaving me capping one building but then i got taken over????? what the holy *%^& is that how does the game just make ^*%($ up? also im really sick of starting a game and not being able to move in multiplayer i'll start the game and i cant move left right up down scroll in our out side to side nothing. I am really really dissapointed with the replay i dont understand how the game just makes stuff up that never happened? blows my mind....

09-27-2010, 09:38 PM
I feel like checking into a mental hospital. But my sister inlaw watched me whoop their ***. I dont get it i really don't. Ohhh the mental anguish how do i upload my replay hell how do i find the ruse replays for steam? This is really really bugging me. Im gonna try to replicate it on my comp record the same game with xfire and the ruse recorder this is going to make me nuts.

09-28-2010, 06:07 PM
The problem is consistent every replay is wrong way wrong. ive replicated it 5 times now every different way the replay just simply dont work im not shure how a game just decides how things went but it's garbage.

Ok heres yesterdays it was me two other guys and 3 hard ai the two regular guys left and it was me versus the 3 hard ai i ended up capping all their bases after a sneak attack from the left and had masses of troops the map was just covered in blue yellow chips but watch this replay it shows something very very different.

replay (http://www.rusereplays.com/scripts/download.php?var1=203&name=EVILJESUS!%E2%98%85Tyrotoxism%E2%98%85_28_09_ 2010_002.ruserpl)

Heres one of todays it was the same map center of gravity and my screen was stuck i couldnt move around just hovered over my base i was building at and aa and super pershings to flank them on my right which i ended up doing and destroying the guy across from me with all my aa at and per it shows he attacks me with anti tank while im stacking to the right and he never destroyed one of my units and that when i attacked to the right however it shows he killed half my units then i just sat there till i won lol it showed i got the money and everything. Very strange. Kinda making me mad but hell i guess im glad to help. big problem.
replay 2 (http://www.rusereplays.com/scripts/download.php?var1=204&name=EVILJESUS!%E2%98%85Tyrotoxism%E2%98%85_28_09_ 2010_003.ruserpl)

10-01-2010, 06:07 PM
Kinda weird but i found the problem

My steam username has special characters in it.
It saves the file with that name. I changed it and all my files i save "replays" are 100% correct. Im not positive that this is indeed the problem but i havent seen a problem since. so i hope this helps some people. I dunno why specials charecters would affect the way the replay is but hey works so far.