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07-16-2008, 05:50 AM
Now.. off the bat.. I am going to say it fails to deliver. It's a like a piece of steak with no meat on the bones.

And I am writing this in good faith that the developers will at least listen before their release of their series.

First a little background/introduction:

I was among many who heard about AC two years before it came out. I also have played all POP series, which also was done by the same team as AC. So I was expecting the game play to be descent compared to the POP series.

I did not buy the game as soon as it came up, because I am not foolish enough to go into the marketing hype, but I still wish I waited for the game to be a bit cheaper. I bought the game two days ago at a local walmart for $30 (for 360).. in my opinion the game only game me $15-$20 of my money back. I finished the game yesterday morning... includes killing all templars and recovering all flags, and I will not be playing the game again...this is different compared to POP.. which is enjoyable to play again and again...

What bought my worth back is the stunning scenery of the 4 cities, the concept of the free roam and free range of climbing, the plot, the idea of two times and working interacting between them. I have to admit stealth killing was good.

What failed.. first.. and to say this first.. it repeats.. over and over.. each assassination is the same with very few variations between them. I mean you guys spent so much time to make 3 huge historical cities.. with NOTHING to do in them...(no.. 4 different types of investigation objectives.. that have no difficulty to them.. and have NO variety among each district only to be CHORED per assassin)

Here is the rest... no significant order to them...

Finding flags is a waste of time.. 430 flags to find...a CHORE...even it's optional... not fun..not beneficial..POP.. trying to find life fountains for upgrades... fun.. and upgrades you.. therefore beneficial

The health system possed no challenge..and too much health. I really I hoping Jade Raymonds comment that one hit in the head can kill you.. that would be interesting.. or how about jumping off a building.. not very realistic.. make the player more delicate.. jump off high building..(you die).. a hit in the head.. die... how about character injury... break a leg.. arm.. and have to move around.. and maybe time will heal you.. that be interesting.. and more challenging..

You think a well trained assassin.. who can use weapons, climb buildings, ride horses... would be able to swim...

Let the assassin blend in with the crowd by changing his appearance.. hiding in clothes or overclothes..

Let him ride in hay/barrel carts as they roll through town...to hide from guards

Controlling Desmond trapped in the holding cell..boring! nothing to do.. he walks so slow..would it hurt to let him run...he doesn't need to learn that from his ancestor!! This would save more time to get back to doing SOMETHING!!

NO SUBTITLES!! I don't exactly live in a place
where I can have my volume cranked to hear every word...and I have others who would like to listen to music instead... I even looked in the menus for subtitles!! So I say the game is not for the deaf. If you are deaf this game is not for you unfortunately...

Riding horse.. cool feature..but unneeded.. not even horse quest.. or how about a horse chase!! walks good, blends good, but running/galloping... whoever did that animation needs to look at a real horse running because it made it sometimes unbearable to look at (goofy.. it's like the horse is flopping all over the place)... Activision's game GUN.. did a much better job with BOTH the horse animation and utilization...

Although the climbing feature is great and stunning.. it got boring quickly .. because all you had to do was control him with the left analog controller...let's compare to POP which required a bit more attention in getting around with more delicate button timing otherwise a pending death.. also Altair takes too long to lift himself up.. I find myself holding the up... and he sits there for a long moment...I also wished some POP climbing skills were utilized. HINT POP 3.

The fighting system, to push realism for an assassin, should be use at last resort, so then.. is limited understandable... but the game pushes it... save a dread citizen with 5 guards on them... when you can only kill ONE at a TIME... A CHORE!!... either improve the fighting system.. (which I found more painful as they are more higher rank you can only punch them in the belly.. at first counter... which makes it more of a chore to kill them ONE BY ONE)... or save a citizen with only one guard attacking them... the controls of the fighting system is also boring.. hit X... right trigger... oh no being grabbed ..b... then with such dreaded and hindered fight system forced to fight in blade to blade combat for the final two assassinations... what more do I need to say... I mean.. I have a hidden blade in my hand.. and I can't quickly use it.. during a combo... I have to switch weapons... and how hard to throw a dagger.. while holding a sword... my 360 had more room for controls than the game offered me. I can say the same for a ps3 controller... and... HAHA.. a PC...

If more fighting skills... same amount of guards.. let me have an option to turn off the special camera effects in fighting.. they delay the fight everytime they zoom in and out.. I want to kill fast and effectively... after all I am a assassin right...

Cutscenes... too many for the amount enough gameplay.. glitch feature however cool for awhile..

The AI... the crowd in the cities was awesome and a good setup to use "social steath"... the diversity of the crowd sucked... I was seeing the same person over and over...BORING... I don't know what the goal was but the GTA AI setup where you kill someone in the middle of the crowd and everyone runs away... then go away to return.. and no one remembers... boring... I rather see a crowd that gets to know the assassin.. that's part of social stealth.. if the assassin bad to the crowd... they don't help him... he is exposed...A possibly social meter would be nice... so as altair travels to different parts...he can see if he is liked or in danger... with that... if you go around killing people in front of everyone.. they are going to fear you... so have them remember that... so they will run away or send for guards.. and even assist guards... this will also promote "steath" killing as a assassin should be doing. A blade in the gut and walk away... if no one is looking directly at the victom or assassin... part of the social meter.. as in YOU'RE BEING WATCHED...

AI guards... I don't know.. if I had a co-guard being thrown to the ground and a sword dug into his belly.. I sure wouldn't stand around... as matter fact... they all stand around a BIT TOO LONG... I remember I climbed up a tower to a acquire a viewpoint.. and there was a archer guard.. I was being sneaky.. waiting for him to turn his back.. when he does.. I climbed the wall and mess up... and upped to the other wall.. I didn't alert him.. and just in time to stab him.. what happened... when I jumped to the other wall at the corner.. I made a big noise... (in some cases even birds flying away...) it's simple... they aren't alert enough.. makes it too easy.. too unreal... and BLAND... And man... they become super guards when I am hiding in the tents... I can see them jumping off buildings...

Be nice for once to be restricted from climbing and forced to run away from guards..

Oooh.. attack dogs.. more ways for a assassin to be exposed or chased.. perhaps a perfume or a item to give dog to move on..

Kingdom is a waste... nothing to do...not even a get info... a horse chase...victim or the other way around...and you only have to venture through there once...

I have theorized that all effort was spent to
make a storyline... the graphics... animations..(besides the horse) was time most spent... while game play, user interaction with the game, and AI suffered.

I guess something that would improve the game, would be something called "Live Action".. which it based on time events... to arriving to destination on time.. to see the live action.. if missed too bad need to find alternatives.. what it means.. if Master wants a hit in Acre... I better run down through kingdom to Arce to meet someone to lead me to clues in town or just look for some interesting gossip... then this is where it gets interesting.. the whole town is like a movie... that you can interact with.. and based on what you do changes it.. so listening to gossipers (taking the eavesdropping further than one conversation.. but everyone.. sit on the bench and try to listen to anyone for anything!) to hear about a man's description you have to pickpocket.. or where he is.. let the map have better location description than the elementary Poor... middle ... rich.. so if they say he will be at the Market Complex... I will be able to whip the map out to figure where I need to go...
now.. what if.. I was too late.. to Acre... I got in a horse chase in Kingdom.. and I missed the chance to hear the gossipers.. because they moved on with their lives... or what if I got exposed in the market by guards...and kill them there...scare the man away.. I would need to find another alternative quickly and without getting exposed.. using my "social stealth" and as well as some social interaction...like directly asking people about things you hear in gossips... or what's the latest news in town...

So basically unlocking clues for more clues...to finally find who, where, and when...the person I need to assassinate.. and get there immediately before he goes somewhere else...

This maybe interesting.. but it allows more variance... and since it's replay-able on the Amimus... users can find themselves chasing after different clues, and different assassination plots. But a hell a lot better than what you offered by the repeats.. (who did you hire for thinking up game play...I don't think he's doing his job)

I am sorry this is not on par with correct English. I was written in what I dub conversational English. This is for the developers to gain upon.. if not.. their lost... I mean seriously AC game play is bordering on unacceptable... especially with NOTHING TO DO, other than pointlessly climbing buildings and killing random guards.. and occasionally get caught in a hindered sword fight killing them ONE BY ONE....

Hitman.. and Thief series.. man those were realistic..challenging..and fun...AC.. is just another GTA.. but with nothing to do..

See how repeating is annoying?

Rant/HELP End.

Final Note.. you have a LOT of potential for the sequels.. just don't repeat AC.. and learn from what you didn't pay more attention to before. I mean I would trade half the city sizes (all 4 of them) for more interaction with AI.. and USER control, and better fighting.

07-16-2008, 11:38 AM
Don't know about you, but I just finished AC today for the third time. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/shady.gif

This game is great!

The free-running is amazing, and one of the keys, is that this game is trying to be different... http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

Where are you, AC2??? http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/compsmash.gif

07-16-2008, 11:57 AM
I can't understand how did you do to pick up all those flags if you didnt like the game... just DONT PLAY IT http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/sleepzzz.gif

Maybe it was quite repeating, but i liked it

07-16-2008, 05:11 PM
I appreciate that you put some serious thought into your review. I dont necassarily agree with all your points- but you make some other very good ones.

The game is EXTREMELY repetative. all your investigations and assasinations are exactly the same. I do wish that there were non-linear side quests that did something for you other than give you points on your gamer profile.

outside of that- i enjoyed the game, i just wish there was more replay value.

07-17-2008, 02:05 AM
FYI, there's not as much repetition in the PC version.

I said, there's not as much repetition in the PC version.

That is to say that there's not as much repetition in the PC version.

In other words, there's not as much repetition in the PC version.


I agree with PsychopompadorS, though. Some good points, and well-explained. However, I do definitely disagree with you on the replayability issue. I just finished my 6th run through it. Kicking *** is always fun.

Besides, there's not as much repetition in the PC version. ;-)

07-23-2008, 04:11 PM
To the top.

You may not agree. Thanks for those who replied. I understand and respect our differences in opinion.

07-24-2008, 02:02 PM
While the features and that you describe are cool, many of them are just basically impossible. You are looking for a virtual reality assassin simulator, we are looking at a fun game that lets us climb stuff, jump around, and kill people in the manner we see fit, all while having a lot of fun.

I do agree, however, that major weakpoints are the repetitive nature of the game and the basic uselessness of the Kingdom other than simulating travel and collecting flags for no reason.

07-29-2008, 01:50 PM
I agree with most of them.
I think there was so much more potential to get out of this game.

When I was playing the game, I was like wow. But I only wow'ed cuz of the gfx and area/free roaming.

There should be more diversity. For example the kingdom is a huge waste of time because there arent even missions on it. Not to mention that I still went by horse just to travel the great gfx.

As I said I agree, but some of them is just too difficult to realise and program.

07-29-2008, 02:31 PM
what you have to look at is that this was there first attempt at a game on this scale for the PS3 this is like a tester make it as good as they can and then learn from it for the series to come

07-30-2008, 03:35 PM
The only problem I had with the game was with the combat. It was not easy to switch weapons or target enemies with throwing knives. It focused more on getting the timing right in order to counter your enemies. I also felt that developers ran out of ideas at the end and thought the best way to ramp up the difficulty was to throw more and more enemies at you all at once and lock you in an invisible box. (Not fun!) The combat in this game reminded me of Ninja Gaiden (Xbox, Black & Sigma) You can't go button mashing and expect to win. However, I had no problem with Ninja Gaiden though even though it was tough and completed the game twice. Altair seemed to get weaker and weaker as the game progressed and the same hoard of attackers and situations kept poping up. The variety in combat was very limited. I liked everything else in the game despite the repetition. I like randomly attacking guards and shoving those pesky ladies and ******s and trampling people with my horse. Good times great fun!