View Full Version : xbox360-the last flag & treasure

03-16-2011, 07:50 PM
?1. the last flag & treasure left in roman ruins.... it seems they r up high without any way to use parachutes/super jumps... need help!
?2. by re-doing memories to get 100% sync what does this do? Anyone!

04-03-2011, 12:01 PM
I think there are a couple treasures/flags that fit your description (try to be a little more specific). A few tips I can offer:

Get a horse and run around the hill until you find a way to get up. Sometimes there might be another hill you have to climb first, then cross a fallen pillar. Or there may be a broken bridge which you will need a horse to jump across. Or sometimes you need to get onto the aqueduct and from there jump onto the pillar.

Anything can be reached (unless you're experiencing a game-breaking glitch).