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05-31-2011, 09:57 PM
[Already submitted a support ticket on this, but thought i'd throw out this and see if anyone has had a similar issue or know what might have happened]

My internet dropped while setting up the co-op mode for Splinter cell conviction. I was in the middle of upgrading the desert eagle and I heard my skype call drop. My internet connection came back I remade a new lobby and reinvited my friend back. However, I noticed all my unlocked guns were missing but I was still able to choose the 1st part of the 4th campaign. I started the match and noticed I did not have a secondary weapon and I was back to the original pistol. Shortly after the game closed due to a sync error I believe it said. So i restarted the game client and reconnected to uplay and launched again. After remaking the co-op lobby again, now all of my progress through all of the coop campaign levels were gone.
-Since this could possible happen again, I think it's best if your D/C to completely close the game down before remaking a new game or some weird set of circumstances may cause a stat reset.

good news
- Figured out how get infiltration mode now from the forums here
- Bad news, i'm missing 4-5 hours of playtime of my guns and upgrades for some reason :/.