View Full Version : DLC vouchers.....maybe an idea?

01-28-2010, 02:08 PM
Ok, so there is alot of discussion about whether we should be charged for dlc after we have paid $60 for a game like AC2, especially since most dlc content thats around is less than an hour long if its actual gameplay.

Here's a suggestion...since its all about money.

What if they developers just included a voucher, in all games that are initially shipped for whatever time frame that they want the game to be sold at regular price, so that the original purchaser can enter the code and then be able to get certain dlc items for free. Then those that purchased it at a discount from places like gamestop, i.e. used, would have to pay extra for the dlc since they would not have a code - or when it was a $20 greatest hit.

Seems fair...It would be a nice bonus for those that paid full price for the game.

What do you think?

01-28-2010, 03:34 PM
A great idea as a counter piracy action, but some people think it's a bit much to pay 60 for a game, so they wait a while so they can buy the game for a reasonable price. And some people just don't have alot of cash.

So my take would be include it in every original copy and make it like a PSN card, one time use.