View Full Version : Hair-raising Channel travel!

03-14-2006, 07:07 AM
Had a great game yesterday! Had to travel from Wilhelmshaven to Brest to relocate my sub base. Decided to go through the Channel for speed.

Dodged all the destroyers even at 16m visibility as I timed the entry past Dover well - at night. Then got attacked by two patrol boats which I blew up easily with my cannon. Also got attacked by an armed trawler and managed to blow it up without getting a hit again using the cannon. The whole ship blew up but continued on the surface for five whole minutes before sinking. Great thing this NYGM damage mod!

Then got attacked by waves of Hurricanes and even managed to shoot two down and got another on flames. Got one hurricane making four or five passes at me before releasing his bomb and didint manage to shoot him down - that wasnt such good accuracy on my part! But great stuff this air power mod!

I heartily recommend a combination of the air power mod, 16m visbility atmosphere mod, real damage mod and NYGM damage mod - adds loads of interest to the game and makes avoiding destroyers, torpedoing and shooting boats, and getting attacked by aircraft much trickier!