View Full Version : SSC 'Establishing network connection" problem.

05-01-2010, 09:15 AM
I bought 2 copies of SCC.
installation was fine. Launch, log in, and click play button.
Logo screen is good. But, That's all.
After Unreal Logo, I saw a message.

'Establishing network connection. please wait."

I wait, wait, and wait.
I'm waiting for 2-3 days...
Tired of watching Logo screen. Now, I think I can draw Unreal Logo.

Another copy of SCC is my friend's.
I assemble his PC, same as mine(except GPU and storage).
He's playing SCC now. It was exciting.
Why must I play a game I bought in my FRIEND's PC!

There are some more people who has same problem in SCC forum.
But. solution was not in there.
And no Notification, too.
Now, I'm tired of looking for solution about this.
Plz, At least just give some notification.

I love UBI, DRM is good, if it works properly.
But. right now, I dont wanna buy any of DRM product.
MY weekend is almost gone. And my buddy is waiting for me.
He already finished single mission.
He said sometimes It's freezing about 10sec.
I answerd, "But at least. you're playing."
It's sad situation.

05-01-2010, 09:51 AM
At least you know your game is working. Mine just shuts down after logon and synch.