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06-12-2005, 11:38 AM
Hi all

Thought I would be better starting a new thread for this Mod.

I have tried to keep upto date on things and understand that folks had different taste, even where damage was concerned.

As the previous thread was getting a little confusing, I thought it would be best making this new one.

I have done 5 different versions of the Hollywood Mod in hope to cover the majority of peoples taste.

They are all in the same download and are named accordingly.

1. Special effect only = what it says, just more crew member being blown up and oil traces from damaged sub.

2. 2.1 Special effect and Damage = special effects and dmage tweaks to sub and ship upper decks.

3. 2.1 Damage only = No added special effect but damage tweaks to sub and ship upper decks.

The 2.1 version has already been available but is quite a steady version.

4. 2.3 Damage and effects is a new version that does everything 2.1 does but also tweaks ship sinking times for variety.

5. 2.3 Damage only as above but without the effects.

Get your collection here


Feel free to modify and host as your own should you discover new possibilities. There are plenty.

Would also appreciate if someone could also host on their site for the people who cannot use rapidshare.

Please take your choice and report back on this thread for support. Do not forget to mention the version you have installed.

Remember to install Jungmans excellent DD fix files.

Some notes concerning compatibility and other issues.

I use these in RUB and have not noticed any disruption of this mod at all. RUB 1.3 may already have Jungmans fix installed but check their readme to be on the safe side.

Remember that RUB is in no way associated with this mod so please do not give them grief if you do not like anything with this mod. I just prefer to play RUB when I get chance.

These Hollywood files can be easily restored and I have included the Vanilla zones.cfg in the download so as people can replace should they not like the changes.

please back up your original zones.cfg to be on the safe side.

These mods cannot resolve peoples desire for easier C2 ship sinkings as they are not specifically mentioned in the Zones.cfg.

Hopefully I have covered all bases now

Please enjoy and remember to report anything interesting as it may help future versions.

Hopefully 1.4 patch will add a whole new possibility to the damage modding .

06-12-2005, 09:53 PM
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