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06-05-2008, 09:53 AM
I am learning little by little and LOVING it. This game ROCKS. I love crusin' around on the "big blue wet thing" and feeling "secure" in muh tube with muh boyz poppin' some torps off whenever possible!!!

Anyway, I am learning more and more from these sights and appreciate the help very much. So thank you all for your past/future help you give. I am trying to learn how to evade destroyers while wreaking much havoc with a convoy. Someone told me the other day to take out the destroyer on one corner of the convoy then back off and wait, when the other close one from the corner comes, take him out then have a lil fun with the convoy. Well, on my 2nd trip out on my career last night I ran into a huge convoy not far off shore from where I left Lorient, headed for long island new york. Well, the first ship I came upon was a destroyer and took him out at long distance with one shot. The next closest destroyer came right after me and I had to run around a bit before I took him out. By the time these 2 were gone, the convoy was long gone. So I figured cuz I had minimal damage and plenty of torps, I would head to new york instead of back to lorient. But I also suspected that other destroyers may be dispatched to my quadrant to hunt me so I wanted to try out someones theory from the other day that said to sit at about 150m in silent mode and it would be tough for a destroyer to find ya. Well, just as I suspected, 2 were dispatched to chase me and found me crusing at 157m at ahead slow speed. My question is how did they find me(it seems like they knew exactly where I was)they drove right to my spot and started dropping depth charges. Well, of course I went to periscope depth and took them on LOL, I took heavy damage and was down to one torp, I was fighting to line one up in the sight to unload torp before I sunk. They were both right over the top of me and popping me with their deck guns, I got one in the sight and shot off the torp and submerged to try and get away. I ended up tagging one and sinking him, SWEETtttttttttt battle, and I had flooding damage. I went to damage ctrl and put all officers in there to speed up fix time, I almost made it before my sub died from pressure. I needed only less than 2 minutes and the flood damage would of been fixed, but ohh well, I took out 3 destroyers in a row before dying, out of 4. Thats fun, but I want to be able to attack a big convoy, take out a bunch of merchants, and continue on my assignment if possible. So whatever tips/help y'all can give, would highly apppreciate it.
One more thing, when I was sitting at 157m in silent running and engine at "ahead slow", my stealth meter showed completely green for the longest time. When the 2 destroyers that were dispatched to find me were close to me and starting pinging me, the stealth meter went red. Was I doing something to give away my position??? Is it possible to sit in deep water in silent mode with engines off and not be found???

06-05-2008, 10:55 AM
Yo, guarddog32,

157 metres isn't deep enough to evade crack escorts. Theoretical maximum depths can be exceeded by a great margin in the right conditions. Experiment and try taking your boat (Vll or lX) BELOW 200 metres. If your hull integrity is 100% and you can stand the horrible screeching noise, you'll be surprised how deep you can go!

I find shooting at destroyers:
1. Makes them angry and they have memories like elephants.
2. Have lots of unpleasant friends.
3. Not worth the renown for the effort and risk involved.
4. Don't antagonise them and you will live to ses 1945, maybe...

I attack convoys in early war (up to mid '41) on the surface at night or in poor weather (most of the escorts didn't have radar by then) from INSIDE the convoy. Choose your targets beforehand and pre-set your torps for speed, depth and pistol type (mags or impacts). Shoot & scoot.

Approach from a 45 angle ahead of the convoy, keeping a close watch on the lead and nearest flank escorts thru your UZO and then nip into the gap between them, at full speed, as they begin to turn away from you. Pop-off your torps at the targets, stay on the surface and run away on diesels.

To evade, either steer thru the convoy lanes, if you want to prolong the engagement or alter course to do an "end around" to get into position ahead of the the convoy again in a few hours time to repeat the attack.

The escorts will be inhibited by the presence of merchants if you stay inside the convoy lanes and unable to get at you directly. It also throws the convoy into confusion and some ships are likely to alter course right across your bows...

Be wary of the escort at the rear of the convoy. He has the job of keeping you down for long enough to make sure you lose contact.

I always keep the stern tube set for a fast magnetic "down the throat" shot at the nearest tin can. You just have to set the required depth before shooting.

As for mid and late war convoys, they are better avoided altogether. If you feel you have to attack them, you need to be submerged, attack from the flank, with magnetics or pattern-runners and at long range if you want to survive.

BTW, what sub are you driving? Doenitz said the type IX was too large and clumsy for well-defended convoy operations.

Good luck!

P.S. Make sure your engine-room crew are well rested prior to battle. The last thing you want to hear as you go to throttle up to escape a DD on an attack run is "Not enough crew in diesel engines compartment, Sir". http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-sad.gif