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03-01-2006, 03:39 PM
It's September 20, 1940 and I recieved a radio message stating the base has been changed to Kiel, after leaving St. Naziere in my fully loaded VIIB. My Patrol grid is just West and South of the English Channel in the North Atlantic. For some strange reason, I am constantly recieving radio messages from BDU changing the home port from Kiel to St. Naziere and back and forth. At least 3 messages a minute for nearly 6 DAYS! Somebody back at BDU sure has his head up his ***...when this gets back to the fuehrer...

In any case, I patrol my grid....chasing down contacts and with the weather being excellent...saving torpedoes and blasting away with the deck gun...even nabbed a T2. Total of about 15K tons without a torp being fired...very enjoyable.

But on Oct 1, the weather turned sour; no more blow ballast and blasting...damn! Hate to waste torps on Coastals or even C2's. At least the messages from BDU have stopped, maybe the boys have finally secured France. So I spend the next 4 days chasing down contacts but only launch on and sink a couple of C2's...and starting to get worried that the weather won't change. On oct 5, I see a ship heading slow towards the English Channel. Its at least 100KM from me but I steam ahead anyways, only to find another coastal merchant...

BUT WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? After losing contact with the coastal, three contacts appear on the map simultaneously...all heading my way into the Channel, separated by about 50 KM but all heading the same direction..."hmmm" maybe one of them will be a T2. I position myself in front of the lead contact and send the men to bed.

On the morning of Oct 7 (my birthday no less) I am greeted not by a T2, but a CONVOY! Periscope depth, a few hours of maneuvering and I have a juicy T-shot straight at TWO T3's and a troop transport. The tankers go down with one torp each and the troop transport was a dud. The escorts are on top of me, so I count my blessings that I scored 2-T3s with only 3 torps spent. Down to 120m and I slip out the back door.

I steam straight for the second contact report on the map...and you guessed it. Its another convoy. One more T3, two T2's, and some C2's. I spend all of my torps sinking the tankers and decide to return to port, which is now uncoditionally St. Naziere.

Now I finally know what they mean when say the "happy times". I decided to go research the dates of my patrol, starting with September 20, the day I left port.

From onwar.com:

sept.20, 1940
"In the North Atlantic... The convoy HX-72 is successfully attacked by a U-boat group over the course of a three day period. Altogether 12 ships of 78,000 tons are sunk, seven of them during the night of September 21-22 by Schepke's U-100 without him even being detected by the convoy escorts."

WOW, too wierd...my exact tonnage for my patrol was 78K tons, but I did most of it on my birthday, Oct. 7.

Hope the happy times continue awhile.

03-01-2006, 04:08 PM
Happy birthday http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

03-01-2006, 10:04 PM
NEXT Mission:

OK, so I spent umpteen missions trying to upgrade my sub to the vaulted IX, but I FINALLY did it, but failed to upgrade the sonar. I know I upgraded the deck to allow for multiple incoming aircraft attacks. That cost a few prestige points, but more importantly it cost me a month and a half in port! Since once again I am leaving St. Naziere but now with a brand new IX, I pay the price of exiting and enjoy the entire bunker structure on the right of exit. I hope to see a comrade in port, but no sub exists in these bunkers today. Exiting St. Naziere is expensive (timewise) and complex. The damn port has hardened bunkers for at least six subs. It is Dec. 10, 1940.

To keep the story short, I will now report that maybe my lack of sonar upgrade stopped me from closing on reported contacts. Maybe since it is Dec 2 1940, a new moon, and all of my sonar contacts result in a stupid little motha-fuc----a little commerce puppy clips my top as I crash dive...and this happens twice!

I chase little ones left and right, and quite cant bring myself to shoot a torp at a coastal. I chase map cotacts dilligently, hoping for at least at a C2. What the hell? If I want to see what the target is, I gotta surface on top of the basta! F* this, I steam for AM63 only to see two convoys pass me by. I did get a VW but , damn if I cant find the rest of the whole convoy.

Now I wish for my good old VII with all those gun shells...cuz, Im stuck shooting torps in th' dark! So much for the "happy times". DAMN