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12-17-2009, 11:35 AM
Iv had some nice ideas dwindling, And Id like share my Opinion aswell as listen to Yours... here we go:

Egypt 1882..

Egypt is being torn apart from the Invasions and Atrocities of the English invasion to the slavery of the Turks... an Assassin who, like many of his Descent, has lived most of his life fighting Injustice and trying to bring peace to his tearing Country his name is Nagib...

Egypt 1886..

While out with his son and wife the Turks send an Assassin of their to dispatch Nagib. the Assassin`s mission is a success and Nagib and his Wife are killed by a Crossbow But their son escapes.. fearing that he may grow up to seek vengeance the Turks find the son and rather than kill him they decide to train him so that he may join their ranks among the Templars blaming his parents` deaths on the English, sadly Nagib dies without telling his Son of his Assassin Lineage.. Nagib`s son is named Hafez.. Hafez Nagib..


Hafez has grown into a young man trained in the arts of War, Poetry and Fencing, after Falsingly believing the English reponsible for his parents` deaths he creates a resistance against the English Occupation, destroying many English camps and stealing many of their Supplies... The English have Nicknamed Hafez "The Fox" for his Cunning strategies,
One Day a Messanger appears and tells Hafez that a person wants to meet him who has Info that may prove useful for him. Hafez goes there but stays Vigillant, an Old Man arrives and identifies himself as Skeikh Mahmoud, Hafez`s Grandfather and Leader of the Assassins.. much to the confusion of Hafez, Mahmoud Explains everything to Hafez about the Assassins and their long war with the Templars.

To Be Continued...

Important Events:

-Denshawai incident.
-1919 Revolution.

If You Have any Questions or would like to share youe Ideas Please do...