View Full Version : Question about the game.

04-12-2010, 05:53 PM
So this is my story i'm just gonna keep it honest in hope of a fair response.

Was at a lan this weekend where my friend had Assassin's creed 2 installed apparently cracked, i played a good while on his computer while he used mine and i got to venice but after that i couldn't get any further. Now i'm bloody hooked to this game and i wanna get the real deal but before the lan ended i decided to copy my save file from his computer and i'm wondering if i'm buying the original game will i be able to use this save instead to properly play the game from where i left off? It's quite a big deal since i've worked off alot of the game, gotten alot of feathers, alot of the truth and all the chests up to venice alongside with that i've bought up basicly everything there is to buy in the game paintings, repairs etc so it would be a very sad day if i had to redo all this. I thank you for your time and i hope to get some serious answers.