View Full Version : Assassins Creed,360 v's ps3

11-16-2007, 09:36 AM
I have both consoles and i am the sort of person who will cough up money for anything that is quality.I will buy the game or version that will give me the most pleasure,not just because i am being loyal, or what someone else has said .Basically i use my common sense, make my own choice and always go for the better version of the game on whatever console it will be.. But my point is this,and i am sure i speak for millions of other people and thousands of other games, Assassins creed is better on 360 without a doubt.EVERY GAME I HAVE PLAYED IS ....Simply because it, is more fun ,in a million ways,e.g. better graphics,achievements ,framerate to mention only a few.So my ps3 is gathering dust as i am only buying the 360 versions of games at the moment as i see no reason to buy the ps3 versions.I really want to buy a ps3 version but i just dont see the point.I hope in the future ps3 realise where they need to improve and in what areas ,so we can all have a better experience with this console ,which, in my eyes, does have the potential there.
Does anyone agree with me ,i am sure there is people out there that DO.Apart from the hardcore ps3 owners that havent bought a 360 as well,but i am sure they soon will do,LOL.