View Full Version : tweaks for next game.

03-20-2011, 06:28 PM
ACII was an all around better game than Brotherhood, however managing the guild of assassins was the best thing about the game. I want them to keep the guild but, add a couple things.

Once you leveled up your assassins they were all good at everything. What i am trying to say is that having different assassins seemed pointelss. So in the next game they should provide some unique qualities to the assassins, such as one being very good at disguising/infiltrating and another being good at hand to hand combat so on and so forth.

Another thing, please do not set the game during WWII. World War II has been beat to death and way overdone, we know who won. I think feudal Japan would be cool, or the russian revolution would be awesome. I know they did a comic on the russian rev tho, so maybe spanish armada or something that hasn't got a lot of attention in the past.