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01-07-2010, 01:43 AM
I recently watched the assassin's creed: lineage on YouTube. I really liked the live-action style of the episodes. Then the idea hit me. I have skills in making films and green screening(not as good as the people that worked on lineage of course. But still ok.). Why don't I make a fanfilm?

I started to begin the script writing progress and then I though, 'would ubisoft let me do this?'

So, I am here asking, is it ok if I make a fanfilm? I am making sure I won't be sued or anything.

The film would not for profit purposes (maybe to cover costs but to to go in pocket) and I would not claim the Assassin's Creed idea as my own. I am just a guy that wants to make a fanfilm that he can upload it to YouTube.

So, what do you think?

01-07-2010, 06:14 AM
I think that you need a good looking costumes and a good actors... http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

And I think that it will be okay to make one, because theres a whole lot of fanmade AC films over the internet anyway...

and welcome to the forums! http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

01-07-2010, 08:46 AM
Re1ndeer, as far as I know, provided you credit Ubisoft, and do not profit from the production, you should be OK http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/25.gif

01-07-2010, 10:53 AM
Yeah, they really can't sue you so long as you're careful to clearly disclaim that it is fan fiction, that you don't own it, and that you're not making money from it.

In that case, at the very very most they could ask you to remove the video (presumably from youtube or whatever) if they had a problem with it, but there wouldn't really be any grounds for legal action. Besides, Ubisoft don't seem like the kind of the company that would have a problem with the fans getting involved like that.

I've been tempted to try my hand at some sort of fiction within the Assassin's Creed universe, but I always want to do something more grand than just story-writing but don't really have the means to create anything else.

01-07-2010, 10:15 PM
What about using the assassin's creed music? I just want see my possiblities. If a ubisoft person could contact me via email that would be great but not needed. I just don't want to make this film and then be sued or it not being able to be seen.

01-08-2010, 04:07 AM
How old are you cos if your a kid or a teenager, and are planning on filming you and a friend running round your house with costumes that are bits of clothes mixed together, then it will fail.
if however your actors are adult and can put on a convincing and serious accent, and you do actually make short films, and you have good scenery then yeah go ahead ubisoft will let you, they might even put you on their fans got talent section.

watch my video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KSEWEFuOm0

01-08-2010, 06:53 AM
heey, i've i made a script for a assasins creed movie and i post it here on this forum. just a part of it?
would that mean that i have a problem, or that they are gonna sue me or something?
because i want to write on?
and what is a fan got talent section?

01-08-2010, 07:03 AM
heey, i've i made a script for a assasins creed movie and i post it here on this forum. just a part of it?
would that mean that i have a problem, or that they are gonna sue me or something?

There's no problem with you posting it here, but somewhere in the Terms of Use is a clause about 'intellectual property' if I recall correctly - meaning that anything you have made that you post on Ubisoft forums becomes Ubisoft's property. It's extremely unlikely your script would be taken and used, but it's worth reading through the forum rules and Terms of use http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

01-08-2010, 07:16 AM
ok thanx for nowing that
here is a part of A script i wrote about,
I do not own assasins creed and i do not make money on it, it just a fan thing:
i tried to make i real (fan)moviescript of it.
just think about how it would look in a movie when you read it:

Thereís a dark chamber thereís not much light, you see desmond(25) alone sitting on his bed.
The flashing. From light (were you see Desmond tinking) to dark (you see nothing) to light( you see lucy reading te message) And you here a voice talking, minervaís voice.

Screen flashing, you First see a boy(desmond) thinking
A girl(lucy) behind a desk and a computer Reading a e-mial

My name is Minerva, Iíam from the Those who came before, human kind wouldnít understond the those who came before but they have to understand our warning, We Created humanity, we gave them birth we shaped them, but they betrayd us, But both the humans and Those who came before were so occupied with themselves and their craving for war, that they failed to "notice the heavens, by the time we did acknowledged the heavens, It was already too late, because of that mistake the World burned Humanity Burned, later We Simply recreated human kind, but we took majore massures, to ensure us , en the heavens, that a similair disaster wonít happen again.

The e- mail

Abstergo industries
From: Warren vidic
To: Lucy Stillman
CC: Subject 17, Desmond Miles
Mrs Stilman, weíve got a new Subject, Subject 17 AKA. Desmond Miles
Wat we know about him:
Desmond miles
Age 25
He was born in a Assasins Hideout in the dessert, he was destend to be trained to a Assasin, He grew up and fled the place, he said he wanted to see the World, it wasnít hard for him to leave his parentís because he, had no feeling fort them, He said they were like, wartners, to him, he later avoided big cityís en never used his real name and always paid cash, so the Tempelairs and Assasins were unable to find him, yet we found him, by his vingerprint, the motor drive school needed a vingerpint for his licence thatís how we found him. Heís now in The abstergo industries bv building on the 6st Floor. The other assasins wil try to free him but, the building is highly guarded,

Vidic Warren.

September 2 2012

You see a nice, advanced, clean room with a machine(there is a little computer at the end of it) in the middel of it(looks like a table)
End a desk with a computer on it. a woman(Lucy Stilman) 25, and soon a man(Warren Vidic) 45.

(walking in the room)
Ah, goodmorning, Lucy, How are you today?

(Busy with the machine)
Iím actualy feeling great today, Vidic, and you?

(preparing his stuff)
Thatís great tho hear, the more better this dayís gona be,
Iím fine, and ready to get on to business,
(he walks to lucy and looks at the computer)
Howís the Animus doing?

(still busy with the computer)
The Animus is ready for use,
(sheís done with the computer and looks at Vidic)
Iíve updated everything,
( She useís body language)
The software is updated, and the hardware too
Too ensure there will ben o failure, as with subject 16Ö.
( Vidic smahes the table)

(laud/mad voice)
I donít want to here anything about subject 16, he is old news, past time,
(calming down)
Start the machine, so i can wake up our, geust
(Lucy agian busy with the computer)
(Vidic walking to a door takeís out his pas and opens the door and walks into it)

Clean nice Modern room, with a Bed and someone lying on it, with a dresser, a closet and a secondary room( bathroom)
Vidic, Desmond

(Clapping in his hands)
Chop, chop, wake up Desmond,
(Desmond rumbling)
Chop Chop, wake up, weíve got a lot of work to do today,
(desmond standing up out of his bed)
Aah finaly, youre awake, itís a big day so come on.

(still half sleeping)
Youíre in a good(jawing)mood today doc.
(Desmond, Vidic Walking to the big room)

(walking to lucy)
And is it ready or not, Lucy?

(Done with the computer)
Vidic itís done so we can start the procedure

(very exited)
Finally, Desmond do you now what this machine is?

(Desmond looking totally unnowing tho the machine)
No doc, Whatís it for?

(walking to desmond)
With this machine, i can go into your dna or memory, to Search for an ancestor,
En take a look at his live, if i want i could see his whole live like a movie,
But you when you are in the animus will experience it like youíre are there you are doing the things your ancestor is doing.

( amaised by wath Vidic tellís)
And wich ancestor would that be doc?

( Running to his desk and then back)
I wouldnít be suprised if you said you didnít now him
Because he is born in 1165.
(Desmond begining to think they are crazy)
His name is AltaÔr Ibn-LaíAhad
And we need to see the spefic day circa 1197
So get on the machine

(walking and getting on the machine)
Youíre call doc.

(preparing the computer)
Desmond i need you to lay down and donít move,
(vidic standing right next to here)

(Vidic and lucy having a conversation/ whispering)
Im unable to send get tho the memory blok of 1197
We have to start at 1191.
(vidic Throwing a book)

****, that wil take al lot more time than expected. This is unbelievebel.
It wil take days, ****ing weeks
(Lucy still standing by the computer)

Iím sorry but thereís no other way

(still mad)
So be it
Just start the ****ing thing.

(busy with the computer)
Desmond its beginning..

Desmond seeís a flash of strong wit light
Heís in some sort of cave
You see 3 personís on a wooden statue, around 5 meters from the ground
AltaÔr(25), Malik(27), Kadar(22)

Tempel Mount
Mid of the third Crussade

(Standing on the wooden statue, with altaÔr and Kadar
AltaÔr donít move just wait, i think i made have heart something.

(Standing next to Malik)
Heís right AltaÔr ,just because youíre a master Assasin,
It means that weíve got nothing to say.
Youíve already broken 2 of the 3 tennets of the Assasins Creed.

(turning around to look altaÔr in the face)
So donít break your third, understand.

( walking from the wooden statue to a wooden beam)
Just do youíre work.
(Some noise, they are hearing people and footsteps)

(holding AltaÔrs arm)
Wait, if you do that this mission will be a failure,
(footsteps coming closer)
AltaÔr look!

(looking down)
Hey thatís Our Aarchrival Robert De Sable,
The Son of a *****,

(looking down)
If we kill him now it wil al be over
We then got the artifact en Robert dead
(altaÔr trying to go down)

(stopping AltaÔr)
Stop, AltaÔr!
All-Muallim said we only had to search for the artifact
He didnít said that if we see a tempelar, to slay it, did he?

(pushing Malik back)
I now what i am doing
(AltaÔr jumping down on Robert/ A blade Appears from under his hand)
(altaÔr easly getís thrown away.
The wooden statue, and beamís break, and stoneís are falling)
(Malik and Kadar trapped with the tempalars)

A strong wit light appears again.


(kneeling down)
All-Muallim iíve failded you
Iíve made a Failure of my mission, i didnít got the artifact and i tried to kill Robert de Sable
Iíve broken all 3 tenets.

(walking to AltaÔr)
Iíve putted all my trust in you, and how do you ****ing thank me
(loud voice)
What have become of Malik and Kadar?

(stil kneeling)
They are deaÖÖ..
(AltaÔr being interupted)
(foorsteps from the stairs)

(Heís Hurt and MAD)
Do i look ****ING dead to you
Because of you,
Because of You my Brother is dead
(he left under arm is gone)
Iíve Lost a part of my arm, thanks to you.
(Heís walking to All-Muallim)
Iíve suceeded in my mission

i would like someone with in ubisoft to read it too if he or she want's
if someone want's to read more of the script
they need to say it

02-02-2010, 03:25 AM
and not create one movie but more a trilogie or more