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06-01-2005, 08:44 PM
Since I've been home and don't have access to my comp. to play FB in a good 3 days, sigh...

When I was bored I computed some performance numbers for one of my favorite planes, the Schwalbe.

I haven't compared the numbers to the game so I could be off and I used a series of online sources which are relatively reliable... hopefully...

Here's what I got (all calculations are for a standard day, 29.92" and 59 F):


Max Takeoff Wieght: 14103 lbs. (I saw numbers as high as 15750 but I'm pretty sure that was the max for the A-2 which carried bombs)

Basic Empty Wieght (or some minimum wieght I believe this is w/o fuel): 8379 lbs.

Max Coefficient of Lift: 0.435
Root Airfoil: NACA 00011-0.823-35
Tip Airfoil: NACA 00009-1.1-40

Vs (clean): 108mph 173kph

Thats what I got so far if someone knows anymore information please tell me it would be greatly appreciated. If someone can post the limit load factor I could easily give you guys some Va speeds for min and max gross wieght. I'm trying to figure out Vx right now. Theres really no formula to use for Vfe as this depends upon the strength of the flap mechanism and if anyone knows how they compute Vno that would be greatly appreciated.

Someone compare this stuff to the game and tell me if it stacks up. Try different weights I'm still not 100% sure if 14103 is the max gross.

Thanks a lot.

Vne: Mach 0.83 (also critical mach, since the aircraft was not able to operation in the transonic region)
Sea Level: 632mph 1017kph
10,000: 610mph 982kph
20,000: 587mph 984kph
30,000: 562mph 904kph
40,000: 548mph 881kph

Service Ceiling: 37,664ft 11,450m (highest altitude where climb rate of 100fpm can be attained)

Initial Rate of Climb (Vy maintained): 3937f/min 1,200m/min

06-01-2005, 09:14 PM
Upon further inspection I found that the cruising speed is about 460 miles per hour (740kph). Best range airspeed is pretty much the same as Vy (best rate of climb airspeed). I don't know if 460 is indeed best range since the site I got that airspeed from isn't too technical. Ussually cruise speeds are quicker than best range. However I figure they may be the same because the 262 was a gas guzzler and flights for more than 2 hours were rare. The Germans were obviously very short on fuel. They may have taught their pilots to fly at this speed since it is faster than most enemy fighters (cruising speeds in normal aircraft are ussually much faster than Vy). Although the 262 could travel from point A to point B much faster.

Just a thought.

06-01-2005, 10:33 PM
A lot of info at this site...

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