View Full Version : Putting files in Missions/Campaign/UN folder

08-10-2010, 07:31 PM
~S~ All..Help Please. Thank You I can do this but when I start the game and go to multiplay and hit campaign I dont get a UN option. I was able to put the practise folder into Single Mission/single/ UN, and I find it there and can fly them.I'm trying to use ZEUS-Cat's files as instructed, but can't get this done.Thanks for the help. pocketpete

08-12-2010, 03:13 AM

First of all, if you trying to start a single player campaign, you don't go to multiplay.

You should select - pilot career - select nation (UN) - find a campaign you want to play - and hit the start.

Remember to choose the diffuculty options before you start the campaign, you can't change them after that and select the rank you want or need to.

Read to readme file and if it says you need to start with highest rank, you better do that. If you select another rank, you may face some problems with the campaign, like wrong plane, wrong flight path...

Oh and if you still can't find the campaign, check the folder you put in the Missions/Campaign/UN folder and see if that folder has properties and ini files in it (straight under "your" campaign folder).

Hope this helps.