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11-24-2007, 04:41 AM
Hi guys

The pourpose of this thread is to list the known clashes or rivalities between enemy squadrons on any teather of war

While reading the russian aces interviews "I remember" one quote opened my eyes:

"But we had our Heroes of the Soviet Union here. Karpov"”Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, he fought in Yaks.28 Even the Germans, when he took off, announced over the radio: Achtung! Achtung! Karpov is in the air."

These are some of the facts I'm interested:

Teather of Ops

Aircraft Types (i.e: Bf-109F-4 vs LaGG-3)

Were Flights dispatched to hunt a known Ace? (i.e: quote above)

Were Squadron Name and Insignias known by both sides?

Pilot Roster(including Top Scoring Aces) were known by both sides?

Is there a skinpack for such squadron? (i.e: Zemke's Wolfpack @ flying-leyends)

I really hope you guys recall some chapters in your WW2 aviation books and contribute to this thread (oh and cheerleaders and hawt babes are welcome)

By doing so maybe you could inspire the mission and skin makers and give a boost to '46's coop and campaign online life