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03-10-2006, 06:47 AM
I've noticed on several occasions when flying with my squad that they're able to better detect objects (planes, ground units, and land) better than me. My computer is a 3000+ Athlon-XP, 1GB RAM, 6600GT video, and I fly on a 19" LCD @ 1280x1024.

I now realize that for this sim, the key is not necessarily framerates, but quality so you can detect objects better. I currently have everything in-game set to maximum except for landscape which I have turned down one notch (excellent instead of perfect if I remember correctly). I've also set my Nvidia drivers set for high quality instead of speed when running IL2. Yet I still seem to be missing something.

Is there anything else I can do (settings in the conf.ini perhaps?) that will make it easier to see objects at distance. I don't really want to run my LCD out of its native resolution, but if that's the only thing left then I can give it a try.

03-10-2006, 07:30 AM
I asked a similar question a few weeks ago, and was told to turn my graphics down from 32bit to 16bit to see targets better. I laughed at the time, thinking that was a joke. But later I tried it and it did help.

03-10-2006, 08:08 AM
I noticed I could spot objects better, other planes and ground objects, when I turned the settings up to max.

I run 1200x1600x32bit, in perfect mode. I have an Nforce2 with an AMD aThlonxp3200, about the same rig you have, with a few exceptions, I am running the AGP version of the X850xtPE, which blows your video card away easily, and my 20.1" Dell 2001fp Monitor, which is an LCD with a native resolution of 1600x1200.

I have heard guys say that lowering resolution helps in spotting dots, but not in my experience at all, just the opposite. I love flying full-real servers when I can find one, and I would never lower my settings to a lower resolution or quality as they work best as they are.
This might be dependent on hardware, crt vs lcd, and nvidia vs aTI. I would try everything I can, go to high settings and go to real low, try every setting you can, and then you WILL find what is best for your rig. And then even, it may not be good enough to do what you want.
When I was on a 19" crt and an Nvidia gf3ti500, and then an ATI9800pro, I could not run perfect mode, and ran 1200x1600 on excellent, and I could not see s hit. Everyone was spotting things I could not see.

When I got the LcD and ran it with the 9800pro things were no better, but when I got the x850xtPE and ran it with the LCD, it came to life and things improved vastly.

I Know computer hardware costs a lot of money. But if you can someday get a lcd monitor that will run 1200x1600 get one.

And especially for your old rig, which I am assuming is an Nforce2 like mine? or some other old 32-bit MB with an 8xAGP slot? YOu should grab an top of the line AGP video card while they are still being made, I am sure the window of opportunity is closing very quickly on this, as PCI-E takes over.

If you do not have an Nforce2 mOtherboard to run that xp3000 on, you missed another boat, as it is hands-down the most powerful 32-bit AMD motherboard chipset ever. I bought an aSUS a7n8x deluxe, brand-new on ebay very cheaply recently.

So those are your options, try every configuration with what you have first, and then if is still doesn't do the job, it is time to either upgrade, or just make do....


03-10-2006, 11:04 AM
the key is to turn up your anisotropic filtering. it is important when you want to see at far ranges clearly. worked wonders for me

03-11-2006, 09:45 AM
also use 6600gt mines by gigabite. didn't realise untill reacently that 6600gt isnt capable of 32 bit colours above i think 600 by 800 untill you get to real high1200 by 1600 or something dont have my manual handy but might be whats messin u up??