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05-12-2010, 03:46 PM
i've been looking around and it seems the issue was addressed but the link to the guide is broken. if anyone could break down things like what skills help at what positions and the sort. thanks in advance for any help

05-12-2010, 10:10 PM
When you get a new boat, or the one you have, if most of the crew are still in their original locations, look at the lead crewmen; they are the ones on you far left of the compartment. Check out their skill levels. Click on their picture to see these. As a rule there will be 2 high numbers other than leadership, those are necessary for that compartment. Next check out the lead in section just above or below, in the same compartment and compare the numbers there, do the same for the lead in the next section but same compartment. Usually you will find the high number is the for each lead, will be electrical, mechanical, guns, watch standing, leadership. And move them around accordingly.

Conning Tower Needs High Electrical/High Mechanical Skills
Control Room Needs High Mechanical/High Electrical Skills
Engine Rooms Needs High Mechanical/Electrical Skills
Torpedo Rooms Need High Mechanical Skills / High Gun Skills
Deck Watch Needs High Watch Standing Skills/ High Gun Skills

All that said I never change my men around from the positions they were in when I get a boat. They are probably in the best location already.

Remember these are just suggestions, everyone does it differently it's all a matter of choice. Me I upgrade boat first. If no upgrades are available and I have renown points to spend sometimes I will buy a crewman. If I spend 3,000 renown on a crewman, will I have enough renown to buy the surface search radar that should be available when I get back from this next patrol? These are things ti think about.

Before leaving on a patrol I check out the available enlisted men that are not on my boat but are available to be. Before leaving on my last 2 patrols by adding 2 enlisted men, that didn't cost any renown, I increased the efficiency of 2 sections of my bow torpedo room.
Hope this helps some.