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06-23-2005, 10:03 AM
My FX5200 card and PCI only motherboard finally shows its age. I plan to build a new system. I need some advice from you guys:

I plan to run at 1600x1200 with all the graphic eye candy with 4.01 patch. If you run at this spec smoothly, please tell me what CPU and video card you are using, thanks a lot.

06-23-2005, 11:20 AM
What is your computers specs right now? Do you have an AGP slot?

I have a AGP/pci motherboard with a gig of ram and an AMD 32-bit xp3200 processor. I bought an ATI x850xtPE video card to go into it and now I run 1600x1200 in perfect mode very smoothly.

Previously I ran the same rig with an aTI 9800pro, and I could not run perfect mode at all at 1200x1600, so it is the card that makes all the difference in my case.

On tomshardware.com they did a big PCI express video card test, 33 cards compared. Their test rig was an top of the line ASUS motherboard with SLI, a gig of ram and an Athlon64 4000+ cpu.
With this "state of the art" rig they used the Beau torp track in PF as a benchmark and got 68fps at 1600X1200 in perfect mode with the x850xtPE, only 10 more fps than my old 32-bit rig!
Plus my rig did not have a fresh install of everything and I am running win2k, I might have been able to get a few more fps with some more tweaks.
So do you want to spend the money on a "state of the art" rig for ten lousy fps? Or do you want to just buy the video card from the state of the art rig and save $700-$1000?

If you have an AMD rig you can get an xp2500 mobile processor for less than $90, run it at 400fsb and it will be the same as the xp3200, thousands have done this, including me.

Whether you build a new rig now or not, in a year or two when Bob comes out you will not be able to run it anyway. The only time a 64-bit rig will have an edge over the 32 bit rigs would be running 64-bit software, and apart from some green versions of 64bit Windows, there is no 64-bit software out there!
So you might be able to do windows programs and accesories faster, but that is it, you will get nothing for your money running any 32-bit software, as Tomshardware's article shows.

Now if you do not even have an AGP slot, then yes you are screwed right now. For the best bang for the buck build this:

Xp2500mobile processor
Abit Nforce2Ultra motherboard
1-gig brand-name pc3200 ram
AGP version ATIx850xtPE
run the cpu at 400fsb

With this rig you will run smoothly at the resolution you want on perfect mode, you will spend a small fraction what you would buying the latest. THe ATHlon64,4000+ cpu alone costs over $450!

If you re-use your old case and drives you will be able to do this for only a few hundred dollars more than the cost of the video card!

YOu will be able to stick the rest of the money in the bank and build a much better 64-bit rig in a few years when you will really need it, and they will be much more powerful.

My nforce2 rig with a gig of ram and the aTI card above, runs in the forties frames per second online. If I am low to the ground looking at a city it drops to twenty to thirty, if I look up at the clouds it jumps to seventy to ninety. Flying at high alt it rips through the scenery np at high fps. I run a 20.1 inch LCD at 1600x1200 on perfect mode and it looks fantastic baby!

Well I took my shot, S!


06-23-2005, 12:04 PM
thanks a lot Jumoschwanz. The problem of my PC is that it does not have AGP slot (PCI only). So I have to build a new rig.

I am think Asus A8N-SLI mobo with AMD 64 3700 and one 6800GT and 1600X1200 screen.

I just don't know whether AMD 64 3700 is enough for 4.01.
And whether 6800 GT is enough for 1600X1200.

06-23-2005, 02:06 PM
Sure they are enough. Read my previous reply again and see how I am running 4.01 smoothly with an old nforce2 AGP rig.

You can build an expensive rig now, or one like I suggest far cheaper.
Both will run 4.01 at 1600x1200 smoothly, and both will be obsolete pieces of Krap in a year or two.
You just have to decide: Do you want to spend $600-700 dollars and go my route? Or do you want to spend twice as much for 10 more fps you don't really need?