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12-25-2009, 04:19 PM
Yo, i just played through AC2, and i wanted to contact Ubisoft montreal about what they could do better in the next one. I found nothing better than this. This is open for discussion too.
The animation in AC2 is almost the same as in the first, with a few improvement and some polish.
You guys probably wonder how you can make the perfect better... I noticed something when Ezio was climbing. When he stopped, it looked glitchy and ugly, he stops so suddenly. What if you smoothed it out, by making his shoulders "SLIGHTLY" bounce up, along with clothes and body? And the climbing control is perfect, the only thing you should polish about it is the smoothness and detailed animation. And you guys sit the most advanced animation engine ever. Euphoria. You haven't had so much use of it, have you? Look at GTA4. Almost every animation in GTA4 is based on Euphoria. In Assassins Creed 1 and/or 2, i only see the main character shaking when he dies, and stuff like that.
You should make procedural walking and running.
You guys shouldn't focus on coming up with new stuff, you should focus on improving what you have.
Let's say you make Assassins Creed 3, and in AC3, you can now...let's say...Build a house...
And buy stuff and furniture... Revolutionize the game just with some new stash...
After revolutionizing it a little, don't make a lot of bad small extras, try to use the rest of the time to polish on walking, running, jumping, fighting, etc.
People don't play AC to play "Dollhouse." They play "The sims" for that.
People play AC to jump, run, climb, assassinate, etc. Give them what they want, don't extras.
We just want a little new stuff, because we don't want it to become repetive.
People thought about AC2: "This is the game AC was meant to be." Or atleast that's what the people who didn't like the first thought.
Others think: "This is just like AC, just better! And now you can get money, and buy stuff!".
See, that's why people keep buying the series.
Because you are not getting repetive, just almost.
AC1 was so good, that a little polish would make it perfect.
But you missed a spot... Do not get me wrong, AC2 is (Considering animation) The best game i've played.
It has the best graphics i've seen in a game.
You guys have really advanced technology in your hands, you could create a masterpiece with the second.
You nearly did. Everything is better, But i think all the animation improvement isn't worth 50 dollars. If i pay 50 dollars, i expect EVERYTHING to be a whole lot better, the animation should revolutionize, and be unbeatable.
The jumping in both of them are a little stiff.
Looks a little choppy too. The jumping should be all Euphoria.
That is the revolution i am talking about...
Please, make the difference.
You have the potential to win the game of the year awards. Many of them. If you REALLY focused on improving what is nearly perfect, everyone (Almost) will prepurchase the game.
People aren't looking for "What's new." Anymore.
People are looking for revolutionizing engine capabilities. People want something all new that can only be accessed through your game.
And that will make sure more people will buy it.
Many preferred Uncharted 2 instead of this.
Why? You can climb and run in Uncharted 2 as well.
They improved what they did best, that is why many choosed that instead of this.

In my opinion, you had the better game, you just didn't improve enough, it didn't feel like it was worth 50 bucks if you already had the first. It isn't that much of a difference.

If you improved the game drastically, and people see almost NO flaws in the animation, and you make something revolutionizing new in it, that is the key to make many buy it...
Many games these days look the same.
Gamers have wasted a lot of money on sequels that really is almost the same game, just re-released. That is why they really are looking for something that separates from the crowd. Really makes a difference. i know you have the capabilities.

12-25-2009, 06:39 PM
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