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05-01-2005, 09:40 AM
As a major part of a project I'm working on I have portrayed the warm-up /takeoff off JG3 109e's on a Channel airfield in 1940.There is more than one staffel porteayed & I have some questions: Did these birds have yellow wing-tips-if so where did yelow begin? Should I show more than one Staffel- if so was the Tatzelwurm usually the same color code as staffel lettering? Would it be brlievable to show a/c of Stab flight in picture as well? In photos I have of JG3 aircraft there doesn't appear to be any markings( Gruppe symbols) aft of fuselage cross were these ever used? It appears as if the tatzelwurm markings all appear to have been masked off when cowlings were painted yellow,so that a rectangle of the original cammo shows around the symbol- was this true of all a/c in JG3 to your knowledge? Thanks your help is gratefully appreciated...Jim Dietz

05-01-2005, 11:51 AM
James, are you familiar with the LEMB or TOCH forums? (Luftwaffe Experten Message Board and Twelve O'Clock High)

If so, they seem to know a lot about markings on those forums.

05-04-2005, 04:47 AM
Hello Jim

This is some info taken from the book €œJagdgeschwader 3 €œUdet€ in World War II Stab and I./JG3 in Action with Messerschmitt Bf109.€
The Gruppes of JG3 with Tatzelwurm was the first Gruppe I./JG3), The Stab./JG3 also use Tatzelwurms during the Battle of Britain period.
You can recognize the Staffels in the following way: You need to look at both the spinners and the colour of the tatzelwurm:
Stab./JG3 light green spinner top, rest of the spinner dark green. Light green Tatzelwurm.
1st Staffel JG3. White spinner tip, rest of the spinner cut in 4 quarters, 2 white and 2 dark green. white Tatzelwurm
2nd Staffel: red spinner tip, rest of the spinner cut in 4 quarters, 2 white and 2 dark green. Red Tatzelwurm
3rd Staffel: Yellow spinner tip, rest of the spinner cut in 4 quarters, 2 white and 2 dark green. Yellow Tatzelwurm.

Numbering of the aircraft is in the same colour as the colour of the tatzelwurm for 1st and 3d Staffel. The Stab which used white markings like the 1st Staffel. Planes of the Second Staffel had Black markings instead of red.
An other note on the Stab. markings of JG3: The black and white of the <<< of the Gruppe komandeur of JG3 Lützow were the same size (From around mid-May). which means wider whiter bands than normal. From about mid September 1940 this stile was adapted by all stab. planes (like here on a model I made some time ago, the Bf109F-2 of Lt. Detlev Rohwer, east front June 1941, wn:6601.) http://members.chello.nl/~s.lepstra/planes/rohwer109.jpg

Planes of Stab. and I./JG3 got yellow wing tips in mid august 1940, on both the up as underside of the wing the yellow ran from the wingtip till the outer side of the slat.
At the end of august the entire rudder and the tips of the tail wings were painted yellow.
Around that time ( a bit later though) the engine cowlings of the plane were painted yellow, like you said the tatzulwurms were masked of with a rectangular mask leaving previous camouflage visible ( take a look at the picture)On the Emils it appears that in front of the front window was painted yellow too(So the entire cover of the engine and machinegun covers were painted yellow)

If you need more info please send me an email at thijslepstra at hotmail dot com

05-04-2005, 09:36 AM
Great info & just what I needed! Will post the painting here when it is finished later this month...if you want to see it mid stroke ( so to speak...)get me an email address to send image to...my email is dietzart@aol.com