View Full Version : Reinstall Nightmares-Solved .A Few Tips(XP/MatManager/nVidia)

03-02-2008, 02:58 AM
Nightmare #1 Got an 'old' XP cd for a reinstall/'back up' hard drive....I now know that Pre SP2 does not recognise hard drives larger than 137Gb...unfortunately deleted EVERYTHING in reformat along the way

Nightmare#2 IL2 Mat Manager ...Its a love /hate thing!I cant live without it and nor will you if you try it .Next best thing to TrackIR!However its a curse to install even with the new all in one version.I spent hours trying to get it to work.The fix you need to add ClearCache=0 to the conf.ini file and NOT clearcache=0.Two capital Cs make a big difference apparently

Nightmare #3 Couldnt get Antialiasing to work either -NOT good on an 8800GTX....you have to mess around with settings in the custom game profile section AND have the default settings right as well I think.I got it in the end but it was a pain