View Full Version : update 2.00 screen freezing

11-17-2007, 03:30 PM
I have just connected online for the first time on my ps3, her is what has happened. it automaticaly updated to version 2.00, which ithought was ok. But when I tried to creat an account on the Playstation network the screen froze, call sony they talked me through how to resart as I said im new!. turned on again and whent to open network, same thing screen freeze.
Here is the worst bit!!!. When I reset and turn my ps3 back on it wouldnt start, there is a green light but it is dead, Called Sony they are sending me a new PS3 which is good. But they made out it must have been something I done, I thought mayby it was. But reading the forums about other people who have had problems since the update 2.00 this has made me pissed off as I have spent a lot of hard earned money on this and there bloody updates are currupting it. Has anybody had the same prob???