View Full Version : New Server On Hyperlobby Balance Of Power

06-13-2008, 02:17 PM
~S~ Evey One!
Just to let you all know that there is a New Full Immersion Server in Hyperlobby name Balance Of Power. The guys of (OAC) has worked hard to bring this new server to Hyperlobby and the IL2 community. It has 15 maps and each map is down loadable and some has Photo Recon Pictures of the Targets. You can down load them in their fourms under Maps. Each map is a different time period and they tried to evenly Balance the Plane sets to the correct time period of each Map.Here is the Balance Of Power
web site:
Give it a try and see for your selves. I think You will like this new server. The Virtual 47th Bomb Group Light will be using this server for Missions. Show your support to the (OAC) guys and visit there server.