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Hello All,

The SSL are looking for a few good commanders to run some boats in our upcoming campaign. If all goes well we expect to start in the next 3-4 week or around the first of October. This post is to guage interest ,other posts will follow once we get closer to a firm start date. Below is the URL to use to get to our website. The site is Passworded so you will need to register first to get to our site.

"How we play".......

We play a dynamic campaign that you play as single player and also online as Multiplayer. We play through SH3 commander (latest version 2.7) you pick a commanders name and what Flotilla you wish to play in. SSL campaign files will be given to you to install in your game before you begin. A U-boat is assigned to you and you start a patrol through SH3 commander with a grid that is assigned by your Flotilla FC. You play the game and sink ships as a single player. If a convoy is spotted u-boats are vectored in. All players will see the same convoy because of the SSL campaign files. Once all boats that are in range are vectored in and have found the convoy then a MP mission is created by our Mission writers from the information that the shadowing u-boat reports. The mission is emailed to the boat in tactical command of the wolfpack, the wolfpack members get together online and play out the mission. The Tacticial command boat reports the results of the mission to U-boat command. In a nutshell this is how we play.

We plan to play using Regular SH3 with POTD mod. as our main player platform. GWX will be allowed as well. However for a GWX MP mission to be played "ALL" players in the wolfpack must be running GWX, if not then a reg SH 3 mission will be played. Players can play at 100% realism down to about 70% realism settings . We want to make it challenging for the experinced player, but simple enough for newer players as well.

If you think this maybe something you wish to know more about you can reply to this thread or register on our website Or send me a email for more information and questions you may have.




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