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06-21-2005, 01:13 PM
Hi all,

Really enjoying getting into the game, and have a question about torp. targeting. ( range, AOB, speed) I can hit the targets in the tutorial, but in a mission I always miss them (the torps are passing about 1-1/2 boat length behind the target every time) I am on 97% diff. (turned on the torpedo video to see why I was missing) I have tried over and over, and I cant figure out what I am doin wrong. Thanks in advance for the help

06-21-2005, 01:47 PM
Try this

Torpedo Tutorial (http://www.paulwasserman.net/SHIII/)

06-22-2005, 08:10 AM
Historically, many u-boat commanders overestimated AOB, causing the torps to miss in the manner you suggested. (They might thing their AOB was 90 degrees when it was actually 80, that sort of thing.) I always put my AOB a degree or two under what I think it is, and rarely have that problem of missing off the stern any more...you might try that.

Of course, you could go too far the other way and miss off the bow...oh, heck, just check out the tutorial, hehehe.

But, really, try "underestimating" AOB a bit, it really did help me! Good luck!

06-22-2005, 08:43 AM
And remember to open the tube doors before entering your final calcualtion and firing.