View Full Version : BrotherHood Glitch

07-29-2011, 07:59 PM
Hello fellow Assassins, yesterday I went out and bought myself a copy of all the Assassins Creed games from the first game up to brotherhood. and after exploring one of the wolf dens in brotherhood I come across a glitch..I was jumping from one ledge to another when Ezio turned Invisiable, the only time I could see him was when I moved but if I stood still he would vanish again and not even 2 minutes after that my game stopped responding and crashed. I'm not quite sure why this would happen as my computer is right up there with most high end gaming systems I run windows 7 with 16 gig of ram, an MSI N550GT-Ti Cyclone II igd5 graphics card and Msi P67A-GD65 mother board and 8TB of free space, the game runs flawlessly and smooth even on the highest graphics settings. after installing the game I runb a defrag just to clean up system files a little and closed everything running in the background and still had this problem. If anyone has a solution to this problem..perhaps a patch or something and can lead me in the right direction here it would be MUCH appreciated.. thank you =)