View Full Version : Game randomy crashes

12-24-2009, 03:05 PM
Dear avatar forum moderators and users first of all sorry for bad english.
Myspecs:q6600 2.4ghz not o.c
ram:4gb ddr2 ram
vga:sapphire 4870x2
mainboard:asus p5w dh deluxe 975x
psu:thermaltake 750watt toughpower
os:windows 7 x64 7600 ultimate
My problem is game sometimes crashing sp and mp this error messages
http://www.uploadgeek.com/thumb-1130_4B33DA87.jpg (http://www.uploadgeek.com/share-1130_4B33DA87.html)
http://www.uploadgeek.com/thumb-24FA_4B33DAB3.jpg (http://www.uploadgeek.com/share-24FA_4B33DAB3.html)
http://www.uploadgeek.com/thumb-BCB7_4B33DACB.jpg (http://www.uploadgeek.com/share-BCB7_4B33DACB.html)
http://www.uploadgeek.com/thumb-4D5D_4B33DAF2.jpg (http://www.uploadgeek.com/share-4D5D_4B33DAF2.html)
Thanks for all helps and happy holidays.
P.S:Im using 9.12 hotfix rigth now and gpu-cpu heat level fine.