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12-13-2007, 04:52 PM
Hello SH3 Community,

After having completed the Naval Academy, I'm now into my first Career Mode starting in 1939 Flotilla 7 based in Kiel, Germany, with the Type VII-B U-Boat.

Some issues are still unclear to me after having read the game manual and looked online for clarifications. Many of the online-created content seem inconclusive themselves on the issues I need clarity on. The in-game play doesn't help much either to this point.

1. What exactly does the Medic qualification do?

My assumption is a Sub-Lieutentant or Warrant Officer with that qualification helps regenerate all crews' Endurance faster in either resting Quarter as long as one Officer and/or Petty-Officer with Medic is present in that Quarter.

It may also have an effect on allowing the crew to fatigue slower when an Officer and/or Petty-Officer with Medic are present in their section of the U-Boat, other than the resting Quarters.

Regarding straight crew health losses from damage not resulting in death, all my crew have either died outright after an attack or have avoided getting hit at all, so I never had a case where a crew member had less health than full but haven't died, so haven't tested this Medic theory out yet. I've lost two Seamen in four patrols, both on the Flak guns.

2. Does the Gunner and Flak Gunner qualifications have to be on the crew member using the actual Naval and Machine guns or will they benefit from an Officer on the Bridge with it, even if the Officer is unable to do the actual shooting?

I have a case where I assigned a Flak Gunner qualification to a Sub-Lieutenant that already had a Watchman qualification since he's on the Bridge often anyhow, and placing him on the Bridge during enemy aircraft attacks increases the green bar over the Flak gun, even though the Sailor doing the shooting doesn't have a Flak Gunner qualification himself.

3. What exactly does the Machinist qualification do to improve the Diesel and Electric engines?

Until now I'm thinking it may make the U-Boat conserve fuel when surfaced, less wear on the electic engines when submerged, or require less crew to operate either section.

I'm finding it difficult to assign this qualification to a Sub-Lieutenant as it is a full-time occupation for any Officer position as either Diesel or Electric engines are always running and would leave no time to send that Officer to a resting Quarters to regain their Endurance.

My only alternative in the short-term is to assign it to Warrant Officers and micromanage cycling shifts with other Petty-Officers who also have a Machinist qualification to try and keep the Engines' green bar as high as possible at most times.

For this to work, I'd have to assign it to two Warrant Officers so they can replace the two tired Petty Officers who already had Machinist qualifications when the Career began. I'm thinking an even number of Warrant Officers with the Machinist qualification would make more sense than an odd number for replacement purposes.

4. Do post-mission Promotions accrue; in other words, can I save my Promotions for when my Sub-Lieutenants and Warrant Officers are at their ready levels in Experience instead of assigning the Promotion to Sailors now?

Thank-you, and...
Hunt. Hide. Kill.

12-13-2007, 06:08 PM
Welcome aboard, Point-Blank. Good questions; you seem to have a fairly good grasp already.

Like you, I've never had much luck with a medic. I know in theory that he helps your injured men recover, but I seldom have heavily injured men, just corpses to bury at sea. I'd qualify a medic and keep him belowdecks, but only after other more urgent posts are filled.

I like to use a flak-qualifed petty officer and watch officer. That does seem to help with their accuracy. For your information, there is a known bug wherein the flak gunners seem to be asleep at their posts. When you first assign the gunner[s] manually cycle between each flak gun and the bridge alternately using the keyboard shortcuts. I'm rather inept at manual AA gunnery and leave it to my crew. I'm too valuable to lose anyway.

A machinist qualified officer is very helpful for the engines. You can get by with only two officers or even just one in the command room. You really only need one officer there to give helm orders. This way you can have two machinists, two watch officers and one weapons officer. I like to qualify two machinists, two watch officers and a weapons officer who seems to help torpedo reloading efficiency. Alternatively, I sometimes go with flak and gunnery qualifications for officers. With watch qualifed PO's and four experienced sailors, you can still get an efficient watch even if you put a corpse up there. Also note that by default when you surface the game does not put an officer on the bridge. Don't know why, but make sure you always see to that. You could be missing a lot without him up there and the other guys stand there like blind zombies without him.

Don't let promotions or medals accumulate; award them as you get them. I assign promotions and medals by rank; you get maximum benefit that way. Another way to get extra promotions and medals is to use the SH3 Commander add-on. It's a great tool for enhancing the game. Highly recommended by all the old salts here.

12-14-2007, 05:24 AM
Hello Kaleun1961,

Thank-you for your reply.

I'm on my 5th patrol now, have successfully completed both objectives, still have 5 torpedos left, so I've decided to attack Liverpool, England.

January 1940 and enemy aircraft are beginning to buzz. We'll see what comes out of this.

Regarding the Qualifications issue, I assumed from the outset that the U-Boat section with its designated Qualification symbol above it can only benefit those with said symbol as part of their Qualifications while they're in that section.

There goes my Officer with Medic positively affecting everyone in their non-Bow/Stern Quarters section by allowing them to fatigue slower. Nice thought though, maybe in patch v1.4c?!

My first Qualifications were to assign two of my Officers Watchman so I can always have a fresh Officer on the Bridge. When I'm surfaced, I need to see others before they see me.

When I'm submerged, I need to hear others before they hear me, so I went with two Petty-Officer Radioman next. The way I see it, my eyes and ears are now covered.

I'm going to have to assign a Machinist or Torpedoman to one of my Officers and try not to wear out his Endurance too much. I purposely didn't enlist a 5th Officer so I can keep a free Officer rest slot in a Quarter to regenerate an Officer's Endurance from time to time.

True, you often only need one Officer in the Command Room as Chief Engineer. I fear the day is approaching when I'll be forced to enlist a 5th Officer as the benefit of his presence will outweigh my present 4 rested Officers.

Then I'm considering Repair as enemy aircraft attacks are beginning to intensify and can only worsen. Repair seems to be a straight forward Qualification that reduces repair time and the Officer can then rapidly return to other duties.

Surprise aerial attacks sometimes damage the naval and/or machine guns and I'll need those working to full capacity while I can still frequently surface in the day early on in the war. At this point I want to try and conserve my torpedos on an unprotected merchant or lightly equipped ship when the 88mm works well.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

12-14-2007, 12:10 PM
PB, I'll say it again, you have a pretty good grasp of the game's concepts for a newcomer. Your ideas about qualifications are correct. I would encourage you, however, to try to work in that fifth officer. The sooner he is enlisted, the sooner he can gain experience and qualifications and of course get medals. One or two good patrols and you'll have a bounty of medals to award, which will have good effect on efficiency and fatigue issues. Of course, you could go without a fatigue model all together. Another way of minimizing fatigue is to spend as much time as possible above 32x time compression. Fatigue is frozen in place above 32x, so you don't have to worry about it while you are in transit or patrolling. Once you are at or under 32x, then you have to start watching your men. As long as you have one replacement in quarters for on-duty personnel, you should never run into problems; for every man fatiguing, there is one refreshing.

The nice thing about experience and medals is that as time goes by, you can rejuggle your crew lineup. You may not need as many torpedomen or machinists, so you can assign them to repair and other duties. There's nothing finer than having an experienced veteran or elite crew.

12-14-2007, 04:30 PM
Hello Kaleun1961,

Thank-you once again for your suggestions.

I read from someone who had replied to one of my posts on a gaming Website I visit that he has an Officer and two Petty-Officers with Mechanist Qualifications and a good assortment of medals, and they never seem to fatigue. It seems he just keeps them there 24/7.

I don't know if it's the direct result of the crew's added patrols experience and its benefits, he's running some add-on, tweaked the fatigue settings, or keeps above the 32x time compression to accomplish this.

I'll see when I get there I guess.

12-14-2007, 05:26 PM
Once you get to certain medals your crew becomes immune to fatigue. Rather gamey if you ask me, but that's how it is. The community manual on Wikipedia has informations such as this.

12-14-2007, 05:51 PM
SH3 Commander is a must. You can set the gameplay to no fatigue. More realistic to me. I never liked the way the fatigue worked in stock SH3. You can also assign medals, promote and assign qualifications in a more user friendly manner. Plus, the nightclub is always a fun place to go after a patrol.......

12-14-2007, 06:03 PM
Originally posted by wikingsh2006:
SH3 Commander is a must. You can set the gameplay to no fatigue. More realistic to me. I never liked the way the fatigue worked in stock SH3. You can also assign medals, promote and assign qualifications in a more user friendly manner. Plus, the nightclub is always a fun place to go after a patrol.......


The MOST important mod made available to SH3 - I could not play SH3 without it. It also allows you to customise the start of your chosen career as to what Flotilla, U Boat and date you enter the war, and it also allows you to change certain settings of the game that you cannot change within the confines of SH3 such as deck gun reloading time, water transparency etc etc.

SH3 Commander - Latest version (http://www.users.on.net/%7Ejscones/software/products.html)