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11-25-2007, 01:53 PM
Hey everyone, I recently finished AC and loved it. I had an awesome time scaling buildings, saving citizens, and of course, the assassinations.

I have grown very fond of this game and for that reason I have decided to open a discussion on ideas for this game and its sequels improvement. These ideas can be for a patch for AC, an idea for DLC via LIVE (for x360'rs), or for the coming sequels.

My list is as follows.

For a patch change and/or sequel I would like to see:

Glitch fixes-Several of these pervade the game. Nothing can pull you out of the world of assassins and subtlety like a citizen spasming and firing a hundred feet into the air when pushed into a bench at a bad angle.

Difficulty setting: Make the AI more alert and guards more adept in combat depending on a difficulty setting. This will increase replayability and make it funner to more hardcore players.

Repetition- While the environment in AC is always changing, small things can stick out sorely against a seemingly realistic world. Saved citizens (while often looking different and speaking differently) will often say the same exact thing time and again. More possible lines of dialogue would definitely improve playability and make these side-missions less repetitious.

Variety- As players advance through the list of assassinations-to-be, many elements will become obviously re-used. Players can expect to perform a pickpocket, eavesdrop, or interrogation to steal information. These tasks rarely differ in anything but the setting and information learned. Adding unexpected changes to a mission, such as chasing down a messanger you failed to pickpocket, to having to follow people who feel too exposed to talk where they are would vary this tedious repetition.

Variation- Altair has three places he can hide when discovered. In a hay wagon, on a bench, or in a roof garden. After dozens of escapes, players can grow easily tired of finding the same three areas to hide in. Why not a pile of cloth, a crack in the wall, or a hanging curtain? Spacing these options apart but still having them would make this hiding feel more realistic.

Realistic Change- Everyone knows about Altair's leap of faith. This daring jump is one of the signature aspects of the game. However, piles of hay at the base of every high-point, be it on a castle, laying in a boat, or in a wagon seems too contrived. Adding different soft materials to jump into, like the aforementioned cloth wagon, or perhaps even bags or piles of sand would help to make every leap of faith seem less planned. One of my favorite ideas would be to have a citizen or horse pulling a cart that occasionally passes under the tower, allowing for timed jumps from high points.

Battle- Whenever Altair gets drawn into a fight, he automatically draws the sword. For players who prefer a different weapon ( I myself use the hidden blade for most fights) this can become irritating when weapon changing often gets you hit while you are unable to counter.

Movement- The constant reliability of side-missions in the game can detract from the extremely realistic and organic environment about it. Save citizen missions are always in the same place, investigations as well. Making these shift, disappear temporarily, or move after the player leaves the city, performs and assassination, or some other trigger will make the game even more realistic.

Replaying- While AC has high potential for replayability, it is somewhat marred by the unfriendly way it is presented. Players going back though previous levels must sit through entire cutscenes and conversations again. Abilities or weapons gained in later levels that add more variety to gameplay are removed when a player revisits previous missions. Changing this in a subtle way could make this game far more friendly to replay.

View- Often in intense situations with alot of movement, the camera will prove cumbersome to manipulate. Counterattacks in battle will often place the camera behind a cart, person, wall, or other object that blocks the view of altair and often his opponents as well. Fixing or improving this would go along way either in a future patch or for the AC sequel.

Tutorials- An option definitely needs to be added that removes the control tutorials that appear on the left side of the screen during combat. 2/3 of the way into the game, I do not need to be reminded that "holding X will cause Altair to perform a stronger but slower attack"
every time i get into a fight.


These are simply ideas I thought of that would increase replayability and make the game more fun.

Costume changes. Allowing a player to change outfits that could either be unlocked, found, downloaded, or bought off LIVE would be a fun addition that, while not really necessary or important, would be a fun way to mix up gameplay. Alternatively, perhaps players could temporarily disguise themselves in clothes worn by a killed guard or citizen. These would be an interesting way to explore the "social stealth" aspect of the game more fully. However, these disguises would have to be discarded when exposed by a guard or before an assassination.


While rumors float about concerning online Co-Op, this is not the idea I have in mind.

Imagine a versus multiplayer in which players could play games in which groups of assassins (likely a reasonable number, like 4v4 or 5v5)attempted to kill an enemy VIP. This VIP would probably be an AI to prevent player exploitation and would have to be protected from the other team. This would add a strategic offense/defense situation. Players using blend should appear different to the opposing team unless they get too close. This means that players must not only guard their VIP from assassins sprinting toward him, but scan the crowd, looking for (possibly) an animus glitch, flashing from a citizen to an assassin, then back.
Players would need a viable way to counter another players counter-attacks. Perhaps a chain-counter system where players must counter each others moves repeatedly to avoid death. OTherwise players are not inclined to attack an enemy that will kill them in a single counter. Adding AI guards around each VIP would also add difficulty to the attack. While this is a rough idea, I do think something like this has the potential to be really fun.

And thats all I have to say on improvement. Feel free to comment, add ideas, make your own list, or offer suggestions of your own!


11-25-2007, 02:04 PM
im glad you felt the need to register just to repeat everything the existing members have already complained about http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

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Originally posted by spazzoo1025:
im glad you felt the need to register just to repeat everything the existing members have already complained about http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

While I undestand the aggravation many people have when people post things that have already been said, I added my own ideas in a way I feel is my own, important, and original. I would aree with you had I posted 3-7 lines of rant about a buggy guard or similar, but I will not be discouraged when I see some posters expressing opinions in two lines then taking up space while everyone agrees/disagrees with him/her