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01-25-2006, 08:42 PM
I encountered a bug on this patrol. I docked at Narvik at the end of M-15, and then played 2 patrols with the U-361 before upgrading to a XXI, the U-2505 (see thread of the U-2505€s patrol). Returning to this career, I got the screen for Narvik but when I sailed, it was from Bergen. The only thing I can figure is that switching from a career in which a patrol originated from Bergen to the career where the patrol was supposed to start in Narvik caused Narvik to be replaced.

In any case, I departed Bergen 17 Feb.

I reached my patrol zone and after a few days, picked up a convoy approaching on the hydrophone. I was fairly close to the convoy€s axis of advance so I snorkeled into attack position.

For this patrol, I had decided that I would be judicious in my use of Wrens. I was only going to shoot at the southern escorts and ignore the rest unless I was immediately threatened by one. Accordingly, I used my stern tubes and targeted the corner C3 with a Wren. The corner J-Type was returning to station as I made my shot, and it was passing roughly 1,000 meters in front of me, so I targeted it with the Wren in Tube IV and then dove the boat. The C3 was hit and the J-Type immediately turned and made a high speed run in my direction. I was passing 40 meters when it sailed past €" presumably the Wren was hard on its tail.

For whatever reason, no escorts approached €" they were milling around at the front of the convoy. I was at around 100 meters depth when the Wren finally caught the J-Type.

The C3 was put dead in the water so I circled back and sank it at the cost of two more torpedoes.

I surfaced and set a contact report to BdU.

During the engagement, the SO picked up a lone merchant at long range to the south. As I set course to sweep around the convoy to the south and get in front, my radar detector went off €" an escort was coming. I turned south and submerged, going on the snorkel. In eluded the escort, I found myself in position to attack the lone merchant €" a C2. Eventually I sank it and resume my end-around maneuver. I had expended 8 torpedoes for 2 cargo ships and a DD.

I finally got into position to attack during the brief period of daylight. I targeted 2 cargo ships €" a C3 and C2 €" that were overlapping and the lead T2. Two of them were targeted with FaT€s. I figured that even if I missed there was a good chance the FaT would get a hit. In the event I hit all three ships, damaging two badly enough that they fell out of the convoy. In this picture, you can see the C3 I hit down by the bow as a Ju-87 that had just appeared on the scene is shot down. That plane was, to my knowledge, the only plane to show up.

While I was trying to get into position, an escort came sniffing around. I dispatched it with a Wren and then finished off the two cargo ships.

Sinking those ships brought another escort, which detected me as I was snorkeling away. As the Tribal commenced its attack run, I fired a Wren and crash dived. When the Wren hit, I cancelled the dive and surfaced.

At this point I had fired 17 torpedoes to sink 4 cargo ships and 3 escorts. This poor result reflected a Wren that predetonated and a Wren that wandered away from the targeted escort and went on to hit a C3 without damaging it. If I was going to get anything out of this patrol, I€d have to get a couple of tankers.

I got into position and prepared for what I expected would be my last attack. Here€s a shot of the smoke off the T2 as the convoy approached. The sun was low on the horizon, which gave everything a pinkish hue.

I targeted the 2 T3€s and the T2 with my 3 remaining conventional torps. I got one of the T3€s.

I had made the shots at close range in order to have a reasonable chance of getting hits (I had no FaT€s left). As a result, the lead J-Type was all over me. I had released a decoy at 50 but the J-Type appeared to ignore it and started pinging away. Here€s the J-Type making its attack run.

To my surprise, instead of attacking me, it sailed past and dropped its depth charges in the general vicinity of the decoy. While it was depth charging, I released a second decoy at 100 meters and continued the dive to 200 meters.

After a few depth charge attacks on one or the other decoy, the escort returned to the convoy. The T2, though on fire, sailed on.

The end result was mediocre at best.

I returned to Bergen 27 February.