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11-03-2005, 04:57 PM
UBI releases a new patch, changes some things, announce some of them. The men who knows sits back with a smile and wait for the response on this forum.
I wounder if the threads on this forum reflect what Maddox has actually done on the new thread.
I think that many thinking and thoughts about the new patch come of one incident that made the patch-writer get killed, or missed a kill, and relieves his agony here.

Have you thrusted reader of this thread, read the book of the Danish author H.C Anderssen, The kings new dress.
I can se similarities between the hidden agenda in that book and computer gaming, but I wont tell them right now.

And now over to something compleatly different.

I wounder how Maddox has calculated the flight-modell for this game.
Has the algoritm include most of the complicated aerophysically correct calculations, or are they much simplified.
Things that should correlate doesnt correlate hard, like heavy aircrafts should accelerate slower in diving than lighter ones, with almoust the same Hp/Kg with the same initial speed.
Aircraft that seems to be dragless etc etc.
I think that one thing is not included, the torque.
If you fly with an a/c and the engine is idle, and you increase the throttle to 100% (pitch set to auto) as fast as you can, the torque should twist the plane, or am I wrong?
I assume that they say everything significant is correct.
Have anyone else been thinking about odd correlations in the flightmodel of this game.
Or am I only releving my agony of beeing a bad pilot.

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11-03-2005, 05:08 PM
Placebo, placebo, placebo... at least 80% of it.