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02-19-2008, 05:45 AM
Remember the Top Gear 'Cool Wall'.

How about an IL2 wall. Based on the game not real life.

A few suggestions.

Seriously uncool: Spitfire, Bf109, P51, La7 (just way to much baggage involved with them four).

Uncool: LaGGs, the Yaks (they sound like tractors that is uncool), there is one exception), jets ( OK that's just how I feel). P38 (I know this will get me linched, heck I want it to be cool, it even has 2 engines which is cool but it just ain't cool).

Cool: The Yak7B ('cos it looks like a shed, which makes me love it), Bombers (more engines = more cool), Biplane (more wings = more cool), Macchis (they just so are), Any US Navy plane (they are always atleast cool), FW190 As and Ds (unless it carries a 108 which is seriously uncool behavoir), Hurricane MKII, P40 (skip bombing ships in P40 exudes coolness).

Sub-Zero: The Brewster, HurricaneMKI (don't ask me why it just is OK), TB3, Stukas, SBD, Early war Zekes (as cool as a Tokyo sushi bar), P47 (bubble canopy jobs are only cool, razorback for ubercool), P39 (shut up it is way cool)

Yes this is absurdly subjective and purly meant as abit of light relief.

TgD Thunderbolt56
02-19-2008, 06:00 AM
According to this, I live in the cool to sub zero climates most of the time...but I still maintain a summer home in warmer climates for those times I just want to relax.