View Full Version : i can top canads problem (also newbie )

03-22-2007, 02:34 PM
hi all im new to this community but have been reading for a whlie about my problem fed ex i wish i could fire a fish in there delivery truck 1st they shipped to the wrong address not even close to the same as mine 2nd its a fake no house or bussness or anything there an empty lot with an adress but some someone sined for it ? im so bummed out now i have to wait one more week for a replacment & ubi will only ship the replacement fed ex ground & it might not be the collectors edition as i ad orderd months before i can understand bugs we have been waiting for a long time & i understand its ot ubi fault about the shipping they were rude & aprehensive about repacing the game ITS JUST MY LUCK I GUESS ANYONE ELSE HAD A BAD EXPERIANCE SORRY ABOUT THE BAD SPPELLING MY WORK COMP IS SCREWED UP & THE KEYBOARD IS TO