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03-23-2007, 06:59 AM
A little article of the German Air Unit's training in Russia between the wars... along with some rare aircraft photo's.

Lipetzk's fighter squadron of 18 Fokker D.XIII's in 1927

As a direct consequence of the Treaty of Versailles, on 8 May 1920 the Fliegertruppe and all other German air services and air stations (including civilian flight organizations and the so-called "air police") were shut down or disbanded. Moreover, the German industry was prohibited from manufacturing aircraft or even aircraft parts. The ban would be somewhat relaxed in 1922, when German companies were again allowed to build airplanes but with such ludicrous restrictions as max speed not exceeding 110 mph, max range not exceeding 107 miles and max ceiling not exceeding 16,000 ft. In practical terms, what the Germans could build was little more than flying models.

On 16 April of the same year, delegates from Germany and the Soviet Union met at Rapallo (Italy) to sign a treaty that provided for the mutual renunciation of war reparations and the expansion of trade relations and technology exchange. For the Soviets this represented a great opportunity to take advantage of what, despite the WWI debacle, was still in many ways the most technologically advanced country in the world. For the Germans this was a unique chance to acquire a non-western partner that could (and probably would) somehow help them bypass the severe restrictions of the Versailles treaty, especially those concerning aviation matters.

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