View Full Version : ******ed camera

08-13-2011, 03:10 PM
i just wanted to voice my unpleasant experiences with camera in this game. i hate those (few fortunately) moments in game where u cant move camera according to your will. it brings alot of unhapines to the gameplay when i cant move character the way i see fit and have to fight (yes, fight the damn pc) to make ezzio move/jump/whatever to the point of my interest. i made account here especially for that. its called discussion but i dont really give a rats chocolate hole about ppl supporting or whining about what i wrote. i did it to feel better and surprisingly enough it worked. suppose it was worth to spend 30 seconds registering on this seriously grotesque forum. im no graphic fan or somethin but it is amazing how stupid someone could be to put red letters on red background O_o