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01-01-2008, 01:25 AM
I started playing the game a few days ago and I over joyed at the beauty infused in every aspect of this game. I have never seen a game with so much depth. I have been brought to tears many times from the beauty of the landscape, the cities, the characters, and his many parries with different types of weapons. Every move, jump, swing, bounce, fall can used to do something else with.

When I started climbing the huge cathedral I really got scared. I got to the top, I didn't think he was going to climb the cross. When I did I was afraid to move the look stick to look down! AMAZING!

I hope your using this engine again, in a sequel, another type game with similar charateristics cause DAMN!

This game was awesome I will definently play it through and than over again, but I think it should have been a little longer. Maybe the game could have been more in depth. I heard of a game on the sega dreamcast that everything in the game as interactable. I understand that is a lot for this large a game, but what about limiting it to going to into peoples house and things inside?

To much to think about, I bet there is a lot of things the gamers had to cut out. I just wish they didn't have too.

They should really ignore the complaints from gamers or whoever it is, and take as long as they need to make the game great. Applause!!! For this game a one I will never forget.

01-01-2008, 03:34 AM
Originally posted by codered90731:
They should really ignore the complaints from
You know, not listening to people who have spent 40 on a game that crashes every five minutes probably isn't the best business strategy.

I've not had the problems myself, but if I did and Ubi didn't make any effort to fix them, I certainly wouldn't bother with the sequel.

01-01-2008, 05:03 AM
"To the makers of the game!!".

Dude do you even know who made it?

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01-01-2008, 07:04 AM
agree with the original poster. LOVE this game, you've got it spot on, 10/10, everything i expected it to be and more. dont change a thing!, dont listen to the crybaby whingers. so you cant use a crossbow. honestly, get over it people!

01-01-2008, 08:56 AM
YAYY!! another useless threadd!!

01-01-2008, 02:03 PM
When I started climbing the huge cathedral I really got scared. I got to the top, I didn't think he was going to climb the cross. When I did I was afraid to move the look stick to look down! AMAZING!
Don't you think you're over exaggerating? It's just a game -_-

01-02-2008, 04:49 AM
Perhaps the creator of the game could correct the controls to be more user friendly and less frustrating. Especially when you get to the bottom of ladders and try to turn around. The camera control is disgustingly frustratingly poor and needs correcting. The random "freezes" during play are examples of poor pre-release testing. The many glitches to be found indicate a rushed release. The lack of user information when "maps" are loading is frustrating...why are we waiting? tell us, we understand it takes time to load. Do not leave us guessing. The AI of the so called random interactions is poor, water jug ladies "hover" around you waiting to be knocked (sadly repetitive). The HUD controls are not consistent... and so on....
The user interface and AI spoils what could have been the most innovative game for a long time.
I expect we will see this engine used in a modern warefare type game soon. That would be good if these bugs were resolved.
Graphically stunning, game play reasonable, frustration level high, AI quality reasonable but predictable.
Overall rating = Example of what we can do but did not quite get it right. 7/10
Great attempt but you will come a close second to a more playable less technically impressive game I'm afraid.
But it is excellent value.