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11-18-2009, 05:13 PM
I don't know how ACII ends but suppose it does end as if there would seem to be a third Assassin's Creed, and Ubi did decide to create a Multiplauer feature for it... what would you like to see?

I'm not complaining that ACII does not have a Multiplayer feature at all, I'm just got to wondering what Multiplayer would be like for this game.

And obviously, if there were to be a Multiplayer feature in AC3, then a Co-op would be pretty cool -_-

11-18-2009, 05:19 PM
ac2 is just released and we r talking bout ac3 lol, i dont think a multiplayer would work in ac3 imo, they should just stick 2 single player and give a excelent game. instead of a 6hour campain and a big online mode *modern warfare 2 im looking at u*

11-18-2009, 06:31 PM
I would be pleased if there were a multiplayer/co-op version in a future release. I believe a co-op can be done, even with the genre that AC is - TPAA. However, multiplayer with TPAA games is a little different that your FPS games.

What can be done is this:

1. Multiplayer gameplay should be based on your friends list, both in Live and UPLAY(does UPlay have a friends feature yet?) not through a find-a-game-throw-me-in-with strangers-Halo-and-COD-style global community. Also, this should be a check on/off option in main menu, but not seperate from story mode. Co-op and multiplayer should run inside story mode, allowing people to play with OR without friends in their story.
a) You and your existing Live friends could play AC together.
b) If/when your friends aren't online, use UPlay to find other AC players, and add them as a friend w/Live, then play together with a stranger. This way, you don't get annoying flamers that you have to deal with as in FPSs, you get a collected individual to play with, that is as serious or as slack about AC as you are. This can be matched similar to Live's "Underground/Pro/Casual" gamer style. UPlay can implement its own version of gamer style to match us with possible friends(but not IN game... there should be a friend request/accept that mentions two people having the same AC gamer style before play begins) Once frinds, play on.

2. Multiplayer gameplay should allow multiple friends to play on the exact same world. If my friend is in Florence, and I want to meet him, and I'm in another city, I just travel to him and follow a "friend" icon on my map. If we want to play seperate, we play seperate, but in the same game world (doesn't have to be same city).
*Note to Ubi developers: This would seem like a mess at first to keep track of millions of maps, however, do it this way: When a person starts the game and selects co-op/multi in main menu, check to see if the players friends are online in an AC world. This could be their friend's hosted world, with just them, or with other friends already in the world. It could even be the friend of a friend's map. However, host should have ultimate say of whether to allow a player to join the map. Back to player just signed on: Give the option to join their world, or create their own(discourage against their own, b/c they already select multi/co-op, and note them that their friend(s) are already online in another world. Start own world only if planning on other friends joining soon.
a) While multiple friends could be playing in the same world:
When one player comes across a co-op assassination opportunity(map icon) they can have the choice of which friend in that world to invite to the co-op mission. If that player doens't want to join, they can keep free-playing, and the player can choose to request other friends for the mission instead. Once a co-op mission request is accepted by an in-the-same-world-friend, they are briefed and their quest begins. However, they STILL have contact to other friends in the world. The other friends can assist the co-op team while they travel to the assassination scene, at which time the lone friend(s) must wait outside/distract guards/plan an escpate route(hire courtesans, etc). If they contribute to the sucess of the mission, they get some sort of stat boost(see 3c below).

3. Gameplay should be similar to AC2, and by that I mean the FREEDOM that this incredible game gives us. I am absolutely astounded at the amount of freedom we get in AC2 compared to AC1. While the map points us to our assassination mission, we should be able to free play until we enter the assassination scene, just like in AC2.
a) Players should be able to complete specialty co-op assassinations with online-in-the-same-world friends. One person comes upon a co-op opportunity on the map, invite the in-world friend if they want to do a co-op assassination or keep playing alone(in same world)
b) co-op assassinations should of course involve both parties. how to do this is still somewhat of a mystery to me, but a great idea would be assassinating two(or even more!) people at a time, with time-sensitive motivation.
Ex: if a player assassinates his target, but his friend doesn't do his target in nearly the same time, the alive target sees/is notified of dead target's death, goes "on Alert" and sends guards to the first assassin, while the second unsuccessful assassin has to deal with guards, and to try to assassinate the alive target (while he is very well alert of his pursuer).
Another Ex: Players have to assassinate two targets physically side-by-side (such as standing talking, walking together, or in a meeting, etc) where a synchronized assassination must be done.
Another Ex: One player distracts while the other assassinates.(The one that distracts would get an "Assist" stat boost)
c) Now, in co-op free play (not co-op assassinating; just roaming the world with a friend) the players should not be bound to any restrictions. We need to retain the freedom that AC solo play gives us. Another co-op example would be one friend distracts guards from a gate/entrance and allows them to chase him while the other sneaks in(to get treasure, codex plans, or whatever), however this SHOULD NOT be a mission. This should be a part of free play. Co-OP Free play should be exactly like that of solo mode, just with another assassin at your side. or on the other side of the map, your choice.
d) Speaking of other side of the map, some co-op assassination missions should utilize the fact that the two don't have to be together. These need to be timed synchronized, or they otherwise need to do two events within a certain time allocation, in which mission completion would only be possible by them splitting up.

4. Also, an overall global community can be implement with a leaderboard/stats feature. Keeping track of total # of assassinations, # of co-op assassinations, time of co-op played, etc. These stats should also reflect on UPlay when we chose to request/accept a friend, so we can see what they play like, how far along they are, etc.

the amolang
11-18-2009, 08:32 PM
multiplayer has been discussed to death. go look at some of the threads that have been made before you guys got here... there are some with nearly twenty pages. and there is a whole thread AC3 related too, with ideas and things that should be added. so search next time

11-19-2009, 02:36 AM
Free-roam and co-op.

Seriously, that is all.