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63 years ago today on April 1st. 1945 an experiment took place in an attempt to launch a heavy bomber from an aircraft carrier.
The initial experiment was conducted by the Royal Navy using an Avro Lancaster and an as yet un-named carrier. The flight was in command of Cmdr. William Alright who oversaw the entire project.
To assist with the take-off, a four wheeled cradel propelled by two RR Griffons was attached to the underside of the fuselage and the drag imposed by the undercarriage doors and wheels was therefore avoided. A catapault was considered, but stress on the heavily laden bomber was thought too much.
Only very scant details of the operation have surfaced and it is only with the recent release of a similar experiment on the other side of the world that we are getting a full picture.
Somewhere in the Pacific, a fully laden B29 was conducting a similar experiment with the assistance of Cmdr. Alright.(He flew the chase plane on the day)
With special dispensation, we can now bring you photos and the chance to fly a short mission in an attempt to re-create this top secret event from history.
Below are the full details of how to access the mission, but it will I'm afraid depend on your location in the world as to whether security clearance will be given.
Details of the mission are as follows:-
- The scenario is as close to history as is possible to create. The carrier is steaming at 25kts with a wind over the deck of some 20-25 kts giving a projected inital static airspeed of 45-50kts.
- Three flights of F4s were positioned at the aft end of the deck and with restraints fitted, they had their engines running at WEP for the projected T/O of the B29 expected to be some 10 seconds. This gave an estimated 1-2kts of additional speed.
- The B29 was aligned on the port side of the deck but still needed a section of 12 feet of wing to have a folding mechanism fitted to the starboard wing to prevent contact with the "island"
- A "nitro injection" system was fitted to all four engines and was to give additional power for approximately 20 seconds in total.

Nearly all these factors have been included in the take-off events for the mission, but you will have to carry out the following additional tasks:-
1) When the B29 loads, all four engines will be running.
2) Select elevator trim to "full up"
3) Select "Crtl/ALT/W" to fold the starboard wing section outboard of number 4 engine. (the section will use gas powered struts to automatically unfold and lock the wing at launch + 5 seconds)
4) Select "ALT/P+N" to engage the nitro for take-off (it will kick in at full power)
5) Using a "flap slider" select flap to just below the 15deg. mark on the gauage (right side below RPM and boost gauges)
6) Open power to full and await the appearance of the "4 red cherry lights" above the boost gauges signifying "nitro engaged"
7) Hold your breath, tighten your stomach and buttock muscles to avoid an accident, and press the assigned chocks button.
8) Bloody good luck old chap!

The mission access code must be typed in "before" you click on the link below and your country of origin entered at the end of the code.

Enter this code now on your keyboard:-

B29Pac/TSec/validity/01APR0000-1200loof/country name

Now click:- Security (http://i303.photobucket.com/albums/nn134/Nicholaiovitch/IL-2/B29/Security01.jpg)

Below are pictures taken from the re-creation of the mission:-


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April 1st. Be sure!

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Originally posted by berg417448:
April 1st. Be sure!


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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by berg417448:
April 1st. Be sure!

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LMAO! April fools!

But the largest aircraft ever to land and takeoff
from a carrier was a USMC KC-130D.
It took off and landed a few dozen times with no catapult or arrestor hook!

Not a April Fools joke, it really happened.

They were able to land on the USS Forrestall
and takeoff with room to spare not even needing to back up for
more on a takeoff run!

The C-130 was un modified and carried a simulated 10,000lb load.

It did not refuel at the carrier.
It flew to the carrier, landed and took off repeatedly, then flew home.

The only special consideration was a huge white stripe to mark the centerline of the landing path
and the decks were totaly cleared.
Also, one minor mod. A sign was crudely painted on the C-130 exclaiming "LOOK MA, NO HOOK!"


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shouldn't be difficult to take-off in a B-29......especially with the new user programmable wind mod......about 50 FPS speed should do it http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/16x16_smiley-wink.gif