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Rogue Agent 035
11-20-2011, 09:15 PM
I know that stalkers can make attempts on you at any time during gameplay, but I tend to keep to the rooftops a lot an found out somethin a bit on the odd side (least for me)....

While collecting treasures/DNA Fragments, I noticed this lone man just standing there on the roof no guards around... So I switched on eagle vison thinkin it would be blue indicating a citizen, but to my suprise it was red. I flanked him making sure he didn't see me, stabbed him, looted the body an got a decent chunka change. I knew it had ta be a stalker cause just as I approached him the ominus music kicked in (indicating a potenial threat). Now I ask you..., is this normal or is it a glitch?

Thanks in advance...

Rogue Agent 035

11-20-2011, 09:30 PM
Haha. It's happened to me twice. He is just standing there holding his knife. Happened to me once on the streets too.

11-20-2011, 09:47 PM
These are the actual stalkers. They are just standing there waiting calmly for you, trying to be incognito. Stabbing them while they have'nt noticed you will count towards the guild challenge that involves them.

Rogue Agent 035
11-20-2011, 10:06 PM
Kewl... So it's a normal occurance then, I was thinkin the whole time I was approachin this guy..., "You truly can't be this ignorant..., Can you..., aww, sorry I suppose ya are". http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

11-21-2011, 02:16 AM
Yeah, if you spot them, a lot of the time they will turn around and try to act innocent. Somtimes though, this doesn't work and they continue to try and kill you. It may only be when you look at them in eagle sense, I'm not too sure.

11-21-2011, 06:43 AM
I think the stalkers is a really cool element. Only one of them succeeded in stabbing me so far, and when I followed him I got help from some Ottoman guards.
They're not that cool when they sneakily wipe out your rooftops in Den Defense though.

11-21-2011, 06:51 AM
Originally posted by Crouching.Tiger:
I think the stalkers is a really cool element. Only one of them succeeded in stabbing me so far, and when I followed him I got help from some Ottoman guards.
They're not that cool when they sneakily wipe out your rooftops in Den Defense though.
Ah, so that's why my guys kept dying...

11-21-2011, 08:14 AM
So they go after your assassins during Den Defense?


I know, speaking from personal experience, i've sometimes come across pickpockets just standing in the middle of a street, waiting for me, i'm usually on the rooftops when i spot them, when i see them just standing around, so i just shoot them or call assassins.

Dealing with these stalkers should be interesting.

11-21-2011, 10:24 AM
I Love the Stalker addition !

11-21-2011, 10:41 AM
Originally posted by ProdiGurl:
I Love the Stalker addition !
Yes, they're quite fun. Especially when you get used to them they're like a cash prize (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=372Ah0Z_L1w). :P

11-21-2011, 08:22 PM
So far I have only encountered one stalker and failed in countering his attack. do they just occur randomly or do you need like 100% templar awareness and then they appear more frequently?

11-21-2011, 08:49 PM
When you mentioned seeing him on the roof, I got kinda creeped out. If I see one on the roof myself, I think I might crap my pants......just saying.

11-21-2011, 09:19 PM
I didn't come across any in the entire game. Maybe when I go back to do side missions I'll encounter one.

11-21-2011, 10:37 PM
I like the stalkers too--except in Den Defense. I was wondering why my Assassins kept dying on me... Though I was cursing them when I had to tail <span class="ev_code_WHITE">Tarik</span>, because I got mobbed three times! And one time ended up with the stalker's body right in the path of the Janissaries. I don't know how I got out of that one alive...

EDIT: I also found one perched on the edge of a roof near one of the mosques, I think. He was holding his knife in his hands, probably trying to hide it, and tried to look all innocent, and all I could do was just stand there and stare at him, half confused and half amused.

11-22-2011, 10:24 AM
Not a glitch they will come up but rarely the like to be in the streets where they can blend in. I did however get two civilians who did use a small roof to make their own road that was amusing. Sometimes they’ll even help out enemy solders when you get attacked they’ll show up knife in hand waiting to get their turn in.

11-22-2011, 10:35 AM
When I want to kill some time (esp. if I'm waiting for my assassins to finish missions) or need to take a quick break from the game, I just leave the game going without pausing and step away - you can't in this game or you get stabbed or robbed lol.

One time I was in the bathroom & heard the Stalker music start up and I was like "oh crap!" lol

11-23-2011, 03:46 AM
I swore there are times that I felt I was playing the multiplayer whenever the stalker knifes me.

11-23-2011, 08:06 AM
Lol, a stalker just fell off the roof and died.

EDIT: looks like he had a buddy up on the rooftops.

EDIT2: They keep piling up. http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/blink.gif

11-23-2011, 03:07 PM
I had two come after me once,got one when he tried a sneak attack saw the other start running at first I thought it was a civi that was scared until I saw it was caring a knife chased him down and Hidden Blade the coward.