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11-18-2006, 12:04 PM
Since Im upgrading my graphics card soon (radeon x300 isnt pulling the bar anymore)I was wondering, since there in the same price range, which one is better? the radeon x800 or x1300? they both seem pretty similar to me, so I was wondering which one you would get.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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11-18-2006, 02:14 PM
Forget the x1300pro! its almost the same performace as the x300! You wont be upgrading, if you have to pick one of the two you mentioned then i would say x800 for definate! But there are much better options.

To be honest the x1300 cards are **** for the money. The vanilla X800 is already a bit too old - dont bother.

Why dont you save a bit and get a second hand 7600gt or an X800XL, it not like they will cost you the earth.

suggest you look here http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/graphics/charts.html?mode...model2=557&chart=196 (http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/graphics/charts.html?modelx=33&model1=568&model2=557&chart=196)
And see the x1300pros right at the bottom of the charts.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">


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11-18-2006, 02:49 PM
i use an x800xl i have no complaints it's easy to overclock it also ...<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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11-18-2006, 04:28 PM
what about a x850? or a x1650?<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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11-18-2006, 05:45 PM
The X850XT is a good buy for the money. I have one and it is easy to over clock with the ATI Tool.
It will run the graphics at a very high level and if you are running a 64bit CPU that is not dual core your CPU will hold you back more than this VC.
As mentioned there are other cards out that are good buys including the 7800 and X1800 series both very fine cards.
Go to Newegg and start watching the sales on these and you will see one pop out at a super good price that is dollar for dollar a best buy per speed RAM etc.
Don't get caught up in the ATI va Nvidea hipe wars.
Get the best buy as they will both do a great job.
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11-18-2006, 08:38 PM
My system is all set except for the GPU

Intel Pentium D 3.0ghtz
1024mb RAM (soon to be 2048)
Windows XP Pro SP1<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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11-18-2006, 09:07 PM
XFX GeForce 7950 GX2 Dual GPU 520M Xtreme / 1GB GDDR3 is the only way to go.... I did http://forums.ubi.com/images/smilies/mockface.gif