View Full Version : Me-262A-1a and Me-262A-2a problem display

12-27-2006, 02:03 PM
High all,

both me262-1a and 2a seems to suffer from a strange default!

From external view (F3), starting from a certain distance between point of view and plane, the screen is taken of flickering, then all returns in the order as soon as the distance between point of view and plane decreases. I've seen same problem with a x1900xt. It is only possible to eliminate this problem if anti-aliasing completely deacivated?

Playing AEP or Pacific fighters, i had already noticed same problem on graphics boards ATI x800 and x850 with Me-262A-1a and 2a (curiously the 1aU4 and the new HG-II do not have the same problem).

I could test a configuration with 2 boards x1950pro in crossfire: It is still worse, very quickly the screen takes a pink colouring blue/green/red, but persistent this time, also included in the 2D screens: The only solution consists in leaving the game and starting it again. When crossfire was activated, it is necessary to use Hardwareshader = 0 to avoid problem.

The default is present with these two planes and not with all the others.

Then, what's problem with Me-262?