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11-03-2006, 12:13 PM
Is there any relativly easy way to mod AI?
I'm running War Ace mod and getting torn up.
This wouldn't be for distribution.
Or possibly taking the AI from one mod and placing it on the other additions of another mod.

I just want to lower the detection range and detection chance for visual and hydrophone on enemy warships.
Getting pickedup while at all stop, silent running, drifting at 2kn, with periscope down, 30M depth, from 5km away and them droping a pair of DC on my conning tower on the first pass without even pinging me in 1939 is a bit crazy.

Slightly lower enemy deck gun accurasy but increase there engagement range.

Reduce there accuracy of pinpointing targets underwater.

I don't want it like stock where you can go silent slow and they would never find you but how it is now getting within 5km of a DD is suicide unless you turn dud torps off and hit him in the bow when he is rushing you.

Any advice would be helpfull.
Thanks in advance.

11-03-2006, 12:38 PM
The easy way is to reduce the enemy crew rating from "Elite" to lower settings by editing the Campaign_RND.mis file. Open this file either with Notepad or with Word for Windows.

Each enemy warship has an entry which reads
"CrewRating" in its description. There are about 2,200 of those in UBWA, and of them 1,650 are "Elite" - indeed quite unrealistic in early war.
You can see the status of an enemy crew by the number in the CrewRating line
CrewRating=4 means Elite
CrewRating=3 means Veteran
CrewRating=2 means Normal
CrewRating=1 means Novice

You can now either manually assign lower crew ratings to each individual warship (that will take you a while), or use the Edit -> Replace All function in Notepad (takes over 50 min) or Word for Windows (takes 10 seconds).
In the "Replace" line you type
and in the "Replace with" line you type
CrewRating=3 (or =2 or =1) as per your preference. If you go with the "=1" option, former Elite units (i.e. the vast majority) become as stupid as the normal units in the stock game, but nevertheless retain their ability to execute more elaborate evasive manoeuvres and not just zig-zagging.

I recommend that you don't bother fiddling with sensor settings. The enhanced capabilities of the enemy units in UBWA are almost exclusively due to their higher crew rating compared to stock, and not because they got better equipment.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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11-03-2006, 10:41 PM
Thanks, that really helps a lot.
I'll try that out when I get a chance.

11-07-2006, 05:17 PM
Ok, did what you sugested and dummied down all the ships to 2 (NORMAL).

They are still detecting me at a huge range (4k+) and deadly accurate in the DC passes.

Did some poking around the files and was wondering if I change the numbers around in the SIM.CFG file in the CFG folder which is a sub-folder of data could I reduce the detection range, location accuracy, and increase the lost contact?

Here is what the AI file looks like.....

[AI detection]
Lost contact time=38

Detection time=0.5 ;[s] min detection time.
Sensitivity=0.01 ;(0..1) at (sensitivity * max range) we have a double detection time.
Fog factor=1.0 ;[>=0]
Light factor=1.0 ;[>=0]
Waves factor=1.0 ;[>=0]
Enemy surface factor=400 ;[m2]
Enemy speed factor=15 ;[kt]

Detection time=1 ;[s]
Sensitivity=0.01 ;(0..1)
Waves factor=1.0 ;[>=0]
Enemy surface factor=5.0 ;[m2]

Detection time=10 ;[s]
Sensitivity=0.03 ;(0..1)
Height factor=0 ;[m]
Waves factor=0.6 ;[>=0]
Speed factor=15 ;[kt]
;Noise factor=0 ;[>=0]

Detection time=20 ;[s]
Sensitivity=0.03 ;(0..1)
Waves factor=0.5 ;[>=0]
Speed factor=20 ;[kt]
Enemy surface factor=150 ;[m2]
Lose time=30 ;[s]

Was just wondering in what direction I would need to change the numbers to get the results I'm looking for? Mainly speed factor and sensitivity.
I'm assuming these files are for chance to detect but I'm not sure if a max range is coded in for detection or if with something like radar or sonar detection chance is based on the listed factors and with longer range is eventualy reduced down to a very low %.

There are also files that have coded max error angles in AI guns and cannons so I assume as that is increased accurasy would decline as well.
Anyone know if this would affect all AI, enemy and friendly but not uboat AI, or just enemy AI?
Wouldn't mind giving the slightest nerf to armed trawlers deck guns while a slight boost to my AA accurasy.

Didn't see any file on DC behavior, anyone know if there is one and what it's location would be.

I know I'm asking a lot of questions and poking around a lot I'm just interested in making the game the perfect dificulty level for me. Not too easy and not OmG WtF NoOb GoT PwNd bY a TuGbOaT.

Thanks in advance.

11-07-2006, 07:09 PM
Messing with the sim.cfg file changes the sensor values for BOTH the AI and YOU!!!

When taking detection time, setting to larger numbers means more time before contact is reported (to you or to the enemy skipper!).
The "factors" (range [>=0] mean:
1 = absolutely essential
0.5 = partially relevant
0.01 = virtually irrelevant
to the use/efficiency of the sensor concerned. Settings above 1.0, while possible, lead to absurd results, like Fog factor=2.0 means nobody can see anything beyond 300m even in medium fog (normally about 2km in medium fog)

A good change to make is
Enemy surface factor=150 ; [m2]
This means enemy radar can now only catch you while fully surfaced, but no longer detect the snorkel head in later war (though it's historically inaccurate, in reality late-war Allied radar could indeed detect the snorkelhead).

Another simple dumbing down is to set sonar detection time to 300 (five minutes) but the Lose time to 1 (one second). That basically kills ASDIC; if they find you on ASDIC they must find you over and over again each second - virtually impossible - or else will not find you again for another five minutes. You don't care because you don't need active sonar anyway. But DO NOT make a similar hydrophone change; or it will render your sonar man who operates the hydrophone useless.

Another change you MUST NOT make is mess with visibility detectiom and lose times. I once set lose time to one second and was unable to lock a target in periscope view. And if you set detection time too long, a DD might ram you before your watch crew even sees it. And they miss half the planes already; no good to let them miss the other half too.

Weapons error angle changes also go for both AI enemies and the boat if the boat's guns are fired by your crew and not fired manually by yourself.

Trick: set enemy gun max firing range to 10 meters and you can even win a gunnery battle with a battleship. Your gun will not be affected but their guns won't open fire unless you are within 10 meters of the enemy ship, and even if you do get that close you are safe because they can't depress their firing angle to reach you right next to their own hull.

To get rid of aircraft, again set their max range to 1 km and they can't even leave the airport. By the way, in the "Air Strike" folder there are strike probability ratings for various states of elite / qualification of the airbase. Set them all to 0.01 and you'll virtually never see an aircraft. Set them to 2.0 or more and they'll be all over you all the time.

The latter recommendations are of course extreme. Try several settings to find one that suits you.

I learned that the hard way, had to re-install everything on a couple of occasions.

Another off-the-wall suggestion is to "disarm" enemy ships by changing the date by which they acquire certain sensors or weapons. The end date is usually set for a date some time after the war, and the start date is usually set to either a date before the start of the war, or to date point in the war. Set all start dates to 01 June 1945 and the war will be over before they get their radar sets, deck guns for merchants etc. (Note that the "end date" MUST always be after the "start date" for each weapon or equipment, or you mess up the whole ship set-up!!!) That takes you a while, you need to do that manually for every ship type and every piece of equipment. You do that in the _.sns and _.eqp files of each ship type folder within the "sea" folder.

I once disdarmed all merchants completely, but found a lot of fun was lost. Again, the tip was "extreme", make your adjustments carefully to suit your style of play.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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11-07-2006, 07:49 PM
Once again you have proven to be a wealth of knowledge.

Seems like you have played around quite a bit with the settings.

With that in mind what role does sensitivity play? How will a higher number effect say visual or hydrophone detection?

With speed factor what will raising that do?
I find that a good bit of times I am silent running but drifting at say 3 or 4 kn and am being picked up. To base detection more off of engine and prop noise instead of sheer speed would I lower that number?

Any hints on getting closer in before being detected? I would like to on average be detected while silent running slow at 1.5-2.5KM as I am currently getting detected at 3.5-5.5KM
in my type 7B in 1939.

Thanks again.

11-07-2006, 09:01 PM
Leave visual "sensitivity" at the default 0.01. It means at max detection range (about 5km in clear weather in stock, or 8km or 16km depending on mod used) you have double detection time (i.e. 1 second instead of 0.5.) You may want to lower the sonar sensitivity to the same 0.01 - at the default 0.03 it's marginally more sensitve (marginally shorter detection time at max range). But don't lower it on hydrophone - perhaps even raise it, to increase the efficiency of your hydrophone (sonar) man, but remember that the enemy has hydrophones too, although for them it's only a backup (as sonar is for you).
Close in (say with less than about 2.5 km between the two vessels) these settings are irrelevant.

Not sure how "enemy speed" in knots works exactly, haven't played around with it. In general terms, compared to a slower-going ship/boat, a ship/boat that goes faster is more detectable, and can detect less, on all sensors except radar/radar warning and radio direction finding (when either you or they use the radio), where speed is irrelevant.

To get closer in: If you are detected at 3 or more knots, stick to two knots or even one. Use the knot-meter, not the general "All ahead Slow", which gives you three or more knots in many circumstances.

Also, go deeper, ASDIC (but also your hydrophone) becomes less efficient at greater depths. But remember to come back up to periscope depth early enough for the attack; this may take a while when you stick to a speed of 2 knots or less.

Finally, don't get the wrong impression about UBWA because of these murderous Polish mini-convoys in the first two weeks of the war. They are exceptional; I suspect they use different, special performance settings. Not sure whether that's actually the case, but speaking from gameplay experience not software analysis, they are more dangerous than just about ANY enemy you'll face before Jan. 1945.
By contrast, last Saturday, playing in a VIIB in Oct. 39, I drove at periscope depth right through an enemy task force with a carrier, three battleships, a cruiser and four DDs. A battleship pased over me just 50 meters away, I killed the carrier, and then went "All Ahead Flank" to avoid being hit by the sinking carrier hull - and they still didn't even know I was there; went on their merry way without looking for me.

By the way, I have all enemy CrewRating=4 changed to CrewRating=3.

Still (even with a lot of "enemy dumbing down" described by the various methods above), you get the odd nasty surprise when your watch crew falls asleep and doesn't report approaching aircraft or warships. Don't know what files are responsible for these watch crew errors, even perfect crew efficiency bar on the bridge doesn't prevent that. Guess it must be a randomizer somewhere, it's not a matter of sensor settings.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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11-07-2006, 09:15 PM
I have actualy been testing settings on this one save where I start about 6km away from a V&W in the Channel set up for a nice torp shot and either I hit him or he detects me either way he calls in another V&W, a C class DD and a PT boat.

One thing I noticed is if I put one torp into the first V&W and it starts an hour long slow sink untill it actualy goes under it has a lock on me and reports my exact location to the other ships even if I'm moving. While if I sink the V&W while the other ships do come they just kinda wander around.

Hell, after being ignored the one time by the C class and the second V&W heading from 3km to 6 km away I surfaced and took 3 pot shots at the C class, hitting with 2 at 2,700M and then went down to 18M silent, dead stop and other then shooting up a flare he never came within 1,500M of me.

Guess I'll play around with the settings a bit.

11-08-2006, 11:09 PM
Figured I'd add my findings in case anyone else wants to explore modding this mod.

When you brought up that somtimes you can't just go ahead slow with silent running and you sometimes have to be going only one knot I modified the numbers in the Data -> Submarine folder.
Origonaly it looked like this.

But I simply changed them to this.


So now ahead slow should be half as fast and the speeds are more evenly spaced out for what I consider better controle (havn't tested yet). I don't think it's messing up realism it's simply changing throttle % for each speed setting.

EDIT: Ok, I'm doing something wrong here.

When I open up the SIM.cfg file in notepad and then change the figures and then "save as" without changing the file name then I get message "there is already a file named this, do you want to overight?" I pick "yes" and then I close the file and re-open it and it still has changes saved but then I load up game through SH3 Commander and pick where I left off on my saved game none of the changes are there. I check file and it has reverted to origonal figures.

Do I have to start a new career after changing files for the change to keep or am I doing something completly wrong here?

Sorry if my questions are starting to get a bit annoying.

11-09-2006, 02:00 AM
I start up ok, go to main menu, career, select the saved or new game, start, then it either goes and ctd, or I get a message telling me the 3D engine is unable to initialise.
Any pc boffins out there able to help me?
PS, make it simple as I aint feeling too intelligent right now<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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11-09-2006, 03:03 AM
I've had the same problem with a number of diferent files; save apparently accepted but then not implemented in SH3 or even the change "disappeared" when I re-opened the file after playing the game.

I'm not certain about the causes, but I found that two procedures usually help:
1)SH3 Commander. Always perform a SH3Commander "roll-back" before altering main game files. If you don't, what you see in the main game file is a temporary overwrite by the Commander, not SH3's own setting, which will be rolled back next time you perform a Commander roll-back or start a new patrol.
Always check that a setting youi want to change is not also being altered by SH3Commander. If it does, you must make identical changes in both the main game file and in the relevant SH3Commander files, or the Commander will simply temporarily overwrite your main game alterations with the default Commander settings. Either simply use the Commanders "options" functions (e.g. for Time Compression), or if the setting iis not in the options check the Commander files. Each SH3Commander file has tips what you can and cannot alter or delete there; most files have these tips at the top.

2) The procedure I use for main game file changes, regardlesss whether or not these files are affected by the Commander, is as follows:
1) move (not copy) the original file out the SH3 folder structure, e.g. to desktop, and rename it.
2) Then copy the file, also to a place outside the SH3 folder structure, and give the copy the original file name.
3) Then make the alterations in the copy.
4) Finally, insert the copy, with the new contents but the old file name, into the SH3 folder structure, in exactly the same place where you took the original from.
You should now have the new contents in the right place, and also have a the original, now on desktop, serving as your backup file. N.B. when you rename it after lifting it out in step 1, make sure that you can still recognize what it was. My personal solution is to keep the original file name but with a letter b (for "backup") put in front of it (e.g., bCampaign_RND.mis).

Hope that helps.

By the way, interesting engine settings. Please let us know whether it woirks for you. "Ahead One Third", my usual standard cruise speed, looks a bit slow; so using these settings the standard cruise speed would probably be "Ahead Standard". But for the "Alead Slow" in the silent running routine your setting should work, probably giving you just under two knots in most weather conditions.<div class="ev_tpc_signature">

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11-10-2006, 12:06 PM
Originally posted by Bootsmann0815:
By the way, interesting engine settings. Please let us know whether it works for you. "Ahead One Third", my usual standard cruise speed, looks a bit slow; so using these settings the standard cruise speed would probably be "Ahead Standard". But for the "Alead Slow" in the silent running routine your setting should work, probably giving you just under two knots in most weather conditions.

Using ahead standard instead of ahead 1/3 is what I was planning on using for standard cruising speed.
I also wanted more flexibility and control from when sneaking away under silent running.
I just grew tired of going ahead slow for 10 seconds then cutting engines and drifting at 1 knot for a minute. Only to repeat the process.

I'm hoping for the submerged speeds on my VIIB to be about...
Ahead slow 1.5 kn
Ahead 1/3 3 kn
Ahead standard 4.5 kn
Ahead full 6 kn
Ahead flank 7.5 kn
Current max speed is between 7 and 8 kn depending on weather.

As always thanks for the help. I won't get a chance to try anything out until after the weekend butI will post updates on my results.

I also saw that on each uboat max speed can be changed. Just for the hell of it I was thinking of making a uboat that does 50 knots on surface and like 30 knots submerged. Would definatly make for a hard target to hit or catch.