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04-02-2007, 06:15 PM
Quick question: How do you put a fighter on top of one of those JU-88 Mistel bombs?

04-02-2007, 06:15 PM
Quick question: How do you put a fighter on top of one of those JU-88 Mistel bombs?

04-02-2007, 06:42 PM
From the readme:-

Using the Mistel

We have conflicting reports and pilot accounts regarding the weapons on the FW-190 part of the Mistel. It appears that there were versions with a regular armed FW-190 which could detach and fight, and versions where all armament on the FW-190 was removed. We are only modeling the armed FW-190 version.

The Mistel aircraft in FB is a very peculiar bird which presented our team with some unique challenges. The modified Ju-88 strapped to the flyable FW-190 is really a one of a kind object in the game. On one hand it's a droppable weapon. On another hand it's a player's aircraft since your input goes to its control surfaces. Finally it's an AI plane that has a simple "stay on course" AI routine. And the most unique thing is that it has to exist in all three states within one mission. The game engine was never designed to accommodate such very special objects, therefore we had to make some concessions to make this work.

First of all, our AI routine would need a complete overwrite to allow for complete realistic Mistel operations. Unfortunately we could not afford to spend another year building and testing the Mistel, so our AI Mistels cannot take-off, land or attack targets. The most an AI Mistel can do is follow a set of waypoints in the air, basically serving as a large target for other flights.

Another important limitation is that Mistels cannot be flown in online dogfight games; however they can be flown in co-op missions.

Player-controlled Mistels however do work like other FB planes. You can start on the ground and take-off in them, land with or without the attached Ju-88 bomb, and detach the Ju-88 bomb in the air and launch it at targets. You must launch the Mistel at least from 1 km away from the target; historically they were launched from even farther away. Just lower your engine power to about 33% of throttle, hold your target in the crosshairs for a few seconds and press the Attach/Detach Aircraft button to separate from the Ju-88. It will follow on your current course, while you should try to get away from the target area. The Mistel's blast is pretty big, and it will damage or destroy objects on the ground and in the air in a very large radius.

Creating a mission with a Mistel is easy: just create two waypoints for the Ju-88 (Mistel), then place waypoints for the FW-190A-8 (Mistel). With the FW-190 selected, go to the Waypoint tab of the Object window, click the Set button and click on the Mistel. This will link the two in the beginning of the mission.
NOTE: You can set the first waypoint of the pair to be Take-Off, but AI flown Mistels will not be able to take-off.

Additional notes:

- When releasing the Mistel from low altitudes and at a shallow angle, it may hit the ground without exploding. Its detonator was located in the tip of its long nose, so if the Mistel hits the ground with its fuselage without an impact on the nose it will not detonate.
- combat/take off/landing flaps will only work on the Fw-190 and not extend on the Ju-88.
- when the Mistel hits the ground you may sometimes hear the "I'm hit, I am going down" radio call.

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