View Full Version : My thoughts after completing main story (PC version)

08-25-2008, 10:22 PM
Decided to share my thoughts after completing the main story in Assassin's Creed, good and bad points on the game.

Mostly the game is great, loved almost every minute of it, my only real complaint is that stuff in the lab in modern times seemed really bored and like it wasn't really needed. I felt the story worked well enough without that and apart from the end there is nothing much to do, boring and broke the sense of really being an Assassin during that time period.

Apart from that section game is great, loved the combat and sometime started fighting guards just for the fun of it. I guess from the ending there is going to be a sequel or at least they left the story open so they can have one if successful enough. If there is I just hope they cut out that boring lab and concentrate on giving us more things to do within each map location and more cities and areas to explor. Would also love to see options in fighting to allow use of objects to be throw or used somehow, eg using some of the clay pots to smash over an opponents head or thrown to slow the enemy down. Only other down side was no multiplayer option.

Any how I think overall game is fantastic and deserves a sequel to be made. Would also love to see this system used for other games, perhaps a Ninja set during times of fighting within Japan or against other nations.