View Full Version : A Big Thx to Ubi. for Ac idea!

11-27-2010, 12:17 AM
I wanted to thank Ubisoft for this awesome franchize.
From ac1 to ac brotherhood i can say it was an amzing journey from jerusalim to acre to venice(my favorite most magical place) to rome.
I m so impressed with the story that makes me feel incredible that there are some people out there who have realy impressive minds creating stories.
I my self had never seen such a deep story.
Holiwood just recieves zero in comparison to ac.
So yeah thx ubisoft for all the mystery and mind breaking story.
Could we have a movie after the game finishes?
Im gonna buy a big poster for my room cause im [edit] impressed.
Just dont ruin it in ac3 and i know u wont cause ac seems to be your beloved most epic ip.

ps Could we have Dx11 in ac3 (pc only)?