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08-11-2006, 08:04 AM
http://forums.ubi.com/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_smile.gifAfter many hours of patrols in Silent Hunter III, here I summit some conclussions of the attack torpedo tactics and management ,fundamental in the combat with submarines.

-Try to find the perpendicular attack, that mean the 90? HDG course angle in relation with the target.Is the target in HDG 180?, go to 90? or 270?,etc. That reduce the historical limitations of the early dud torpedos.More the angle is closed ,minus possibility of hits. Ideal position is in the front of the convoy, the worst in the stern.
-Utilise the T-1(G7a) for night attacks and the T-II(G7e) for day attacks.That reduce the possibility of spotted the torpedos by the enemy.
-Go near, sometimes very near , 500 m to 1200m ,more near you are,more possibilities of hits.
-Open the torpedo tubes door with Q Key.Close after the tubes with W key.
-The green light triangle of the TDC not garantize 100 % a hit, sometimes, specially with fast targets like corvettes of destroyers we must anticipe the launch moment with the yellow light,dont wait the green.Watching the relatives positions with the TDC.
-Take in eye the distance of the target in the surface aproach, go to periscope depth in last minute, but also not so latter, evite to be spotted.
-Stern attacks are more critical and you have only a torpedo there in the Type VIIs. Try to not engage a DD with the stern torpedo tube.
Go very slow and patience the aproach of the target to the right angle.
-Attack destroyers or corvettes in his attack run with the bow tubes "front to front" dont work and is very risky specially with the T-II and the T-IIs of the early war.That work maybe with Aces of the Depth or SHII,but not with SH-III.And is near of a suicide after 1942 with destroyers equipped with Hedgehog.
-Utilise the minimum of periscope, specially a closed range and in day conditions, and work with the minimum of the tube out of the water.
Memorize the angle of the target, retract,wait with chronometer,periscope up a little, check distance, retract,wait ,periscope up,check,fire!!!.Something like this.
Also remember with choppy ocean not only the periscope can be vissible but also part of the conning tower.
-Silent running is a very big help,and fundamental in the aproach of warships.
-Try to qualifique a Officer or some Petty Officers as torpedo specialist the more early possible, That's accelere the management and load process of the torpedos.
-After expended the first torpedo, transfer the external reserve to the ready reserve in his respective torpedo room.
-Remember not torpedo reload in Silent Running.
-With the type II and because you have a limited number of crew , go a safe distance for example of the convoy,stopp the boat and assign the crew,including machinist and watchers to the reload torpedo work.Then go with the better speed to the attack position.
-How many torpedos to sunk a target? That's really difficult to say,depend of the point of impact.Sometimes one good placed torpedo in the forward cargo room of a C-2 is enough to destroy this ship ,but a torpedo in the machine room only inmovilise the ship.Have you a good position and few torpedos, fire only one and wait the results.After you can fire eventuell a second one.
-Take in eye the number of crew of your U-Boot , ideal for a VIIB or VIIC: 4 Officers, 14 Petty Officers and 26 Sailors.Complement of 45 like in the real U-Boot.
-The aproach phase is a delicat one and the experience make here the difference,many factors are here in consideration: the speed, the angle,the HDG of the target or convoy,the weather,the hour of the day, the sight range distance,your type of U-Boot,etc.Sometimes and like in the reality is better to wait to night hours, searching the best attack position working in surface at good speed to go to the most tactical advantage place.
Last, and that is not with a torpedo ,the use of the artillery.This one is a very good help but limited his utilisation the conditions of the sea.If you have good sea and you have there some Elco boats , go up ,engage and destroy this targets.In general, this type of boats,make a recco and call other units like trawlers, Corvettes or Destroyers to make the hunting work.More risky but with good aproach tactical phase can work, the destruction of the trawlers.Effective gun range is under the 2000m and more close better is.Aproach direct to the target to offer the more small siluete to the enemy.Also here a artillery trained crew qualifed is "a plus".But evite to go in a artillery duel with a Corvette, only as last ressort and as desperate move.Engaging armed merchants work,only try first to aiming to the stern to destroy the usually place gun and maybe also the machine room.Utilise high explosive shells to destroy the backward deck cargo and in the same explossion the gun position, can help.Try to arming after to the main points of the target, the funnel, the bridge,the cranes(normally his colapse destroy the hatches of the cargo compartiment and start serious fires with a possible explossion of the cargo).At night wait to last minute to fire and a pair of star shells behind the target can help to aiming and judge the distance.At the start of a Career and taking in charge a type IIA ,try to equip early the boat with a 20mm gun with your Renown points.
The 20mm is enough to sink small targets like Tugs and fisher boats and to engage with some luck a Elco patrol boat.

Good hunting Herr KaLeun